Case Study: Vietnamese TV station installs a rear projection solution based on dnp Zenith screens

If you work in a TV station, you know all about impossible deadlines, the world of rapidly-moving images and on-site reportage. What you probably may not know is that large screens are a must-have in modern TV studios.

However, conventional projection screens cannot handle intense studio lighting. Keeping this in mind, dnp has developed optical projector screens specifically for use in TV studios. Because of their unique technology, they can deliver superb contrast levels, even under studio lighting conditions.

dnp screens also provide the flexibility essential for today’s multi-purpose studios. They enhance audience participation or provide a lively backdrop for your broadcast. They also deliver the perfect overview for technicians and producers in the control room.

Ha Noi Radio & Television (Ha Noi TV) is the official network for Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Its headquarters are on Huỳnh Thúc Kháng Boulevard, and Đống Đa District represents its network logo. It currently owns 1 radio channel and 3 television channels.

The station wanted a big backdrop display, where image quality would be paramount. Ha Noi TV wanted a large backdrop screen for its news and talk show programmes. The screen had to be free from horizontal and vertical lines, and offer the highest image quality. What’s more, it also had to meet those demands under studio lighting and with total reliability, over a period of 18 hours per day. And finally, the system had to be easily relocate-able to new studios in the near future.

Ha Noi TV did not think an LCD video wall would meet their requirements, and considered LED solutions too expensive. After considering many options, it was decided to install a combination of dnp rear projections screens with laser projectors. This met the quality demanded by Ha Noi TV, and also delivered the best price-performance.

The AV systems integrator installed three 106″ dnp Zenith Screens (16:10) in a dnp Module Building System in the studio, teamed with a Sony Laser VPL-FHZ700L projector. This was possible, as with dnp screens, expensive, high-brightness projectors are not needed. The Sony projector used had a lifespan of 20,000 hours.

Designed to complement modern, high-lumens projectors, the new Zenith screen line represents the perfect match between gain, contrast, and viewing angles, resulting in outstanding brightness uniformity. The fully balanced image gives optimal “eye-gonomics” the vital viewing comfort that’s crucial to the usability of display systems.

The dnp Zenith screen line is designed for the 100”- plus market, especially for TV studios, conference rooms, home entertainment, and multiple screen installations, that is, simulation or control rooms, where high-quality images are essential even in unfavourable lighting conditions. While Ha Noi TV is used to spending money on cameras, this is the first time that they invested in a high-quality display backdrop.

Optical rear projection from dnp is a projection concept which provides up to 4 times brighter and sharper images than conventional front or rear projection screens. In fact, optical rear projection screens use light so effectively that they allow you to project large images in brightly lit rooms – and even outdoors.

The technique used with these large optical screens is “rear projection”. This means that the projector is placed behind the screen, shooting straight forward towards the audience. The optical screen controls the light path and distributes bright, sharp images into a predefined viewing zone.

So, now you know how the right projection screen is a must-have in modern TV studios. Installing the right projection screens means superior-quality images and an attractive yet functional backdrop to many television programmes. Here’s to sharp, bright images during your TV broadcast all the time, everytime…

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