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Case Study: Room Control at Abertay University, Dundee, Scotland

Abertay University, located in Dundee, Scotland gained the formal university title in 1994 and is well known for its programmes in environmental sciences, law, and psychology. However, this IT-intensive university needed to replace its aging AV system across the campus with a state-of-the-art, fully monitored integrated AV solution. The latter would enhance ease-of-use for lecturers.

The university chose Kramer Electronics to set up their seamless AV solution in more than 80 rooms across the university. The project involved upgrading 85 classrooms, theaters, and other spaces across campus. It was necessary and imperative that the system be simple to operate so that faculty and students could operate it without needing AV technicians in every classroom.

Also, because the classrooms can be quite large, source and display equipment was placed rather far from each other, demanding an elegant solution to this problem. Also, all rooms are connected to a central AV VLAN, so that technicians can monitor the system’s proper functioning and assist when necessary.

More about the solution chosen by Abertay University

Abertay University chose Kramer’s K-Touch solution for ease of operation, incorporating HDBaseT in the installation for better and more elegant transmission.

In a typical classroom, the University used built-in connection wall plates and control panels. These are simple enough to be operated by the lecturers. These control panels are similar and standardised in all the rooms, making it easy for lecturers to learn how to operate them. Under the control panels, the University deployed Kramer’s VP-770 new presentation scaler/switchers. These manage all video and audio sources in the rooms.

The University also deployed the TP-580T Cat6 transmitter and extender. The Cat6 cable was connected directly into the Panasonic projector’s HDBaseT port. This served to accommodate the distance between the switcher and the source equipment and projector.

In the University’s main lecture theater, the University opted for a more sophisticated control system because there are more devices connected. Here, Kramer’s HDBaseT-enabled VP-773 ProScale presentation switcher/scaler was deployed at the front and at the rear of the room.

This switcher is connected to the back of the auditorium through a regular Cat6 cable. This is where all the rest of the equipment is located, including receivers, amplifiers, blu-ray players, patch panels, and an additional scaler/switcher and controllers.

The University opted for a similar setup in their library where group learning often takes place. In the cinema room, the University also installed the HDBaseT-enabled VP-773 to connect all source equipment to the projector through a simple Cat6 cable.

Abertay University upgraded the school’s entire AV system in a timely and cost-effective way. They used HDBaseT as an elegant solution to address the distance between the projector and lecturers and their source equipment.

So, now you know how a global university upgraded their entire AV network and enhanced the learning experience for both faculty and students. Here’s to seamless and enjoyable learning… always!

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