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What you can actually do with video in different industries – Part II

As discussed in an earlier article, video is now being used across industries and domains. We talked about how video can be used in different industries, ranging from Healthcare to HR and from Education to IT. This is the second in a series of three articles that will look at various video trends in different industries. Here goes…

1) Legal: Using video in the legal industry can accelerate the judicial process and ensure that warrants, stay of hearing and so on can be administered very quickly. Also, lawyers can prepare cases remotely, with the lawyer and client being present in different cities. Video also enables team collaboration sessions and encourages distance learning. Lawyers and judges can also stream, record and archive video testimonies for future playback. Video also enables court arraignment and using video, lawyers can take remote depositions. Also, lawyers can conduct virtual client meetings.

2) Manufacturing: This is one domain where most people don’t realise how beneficial video really is. Video can be used for contractor and vendor meetings. Also, video enables distance learning and global collaboration sessions. Manufacturers can ensure remote quality control and supply chain management using video. Using video they can stream, record and archive important communications for future playback. Video is also used for progress review meetings and stakeholder communications.

3) Marketing: This department is the crux of the company in many ways. Video plays an important role in the marketing department. Marketing can broadcast communications and special events using video. Also, they can provide executive updates and conduct global collaboration sessions. Remote contractor and vendor meetings can be held using video, as can promotion of new launches, news, and activities.

4) Media and Entertainment: This exciting industry uses video in many ways. Global talent recruitment is possible using video. Also, production collaboration across different locations is also possible with video. Remote guests can participate in the program with video and media houses can broadcast communications and special events using video. Finally, progress review meetings can be held with the help of video.

5) Oil, Gas and Energy: This industry also uses video in many different ways. They can bring in remote subject matter experts. Distance learning and global collaboration sessions are the norm and video ensures remote quality control.

So, these are the different ways in which video enables improved communication and collaboration across industries. This is just the beginning, with the use of video slated to grow exponentially in most industries. Watch this space for more…

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