In today’s business environment, quick communication and collaboration between various stakeholders is pivotal. Companies are constantly looking for new ways to empower communication and connectivity across the entire workforce. The demand for integrated communication for geographically distributed and decentralized work teams is rising.

In 2016, online meeting solution providers are expecting good business growth. Most companies are already familiar with video tools and collaboration solutions. In this era, video conferencing solutions can be accessed by a plethora of devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. This easy availability of devices also empower bring your own device (BYOD) opportunities.

With this in mind, let’s get a business perspective on the key video conferencing trends in 2016

Video + social media

The demand for good video content and support is gaining stellar momentum. A majority of the current and future workforce have steadily adopted video in their day-to-day communication. Already, companies like Google and Facebook have plans to strengthen and improve their infrastructure to provide faster video access. Enterprises ought to have a strong video conferencing platform for high-speed streaming, along with clarity and quality. Companies could also explore the possibilities of unified communication solution tied in with their workforce’s social media information.

On-the-go mobile connectivity

The smartphones segment is expected to grow to 4.61 billion in 2016 and 4.77 billion by 2017. The next generation of an on-the-go workforce would require tools to communicate and manage projects from virtually anywhere. Mobile connectivity increasingly becoming an important aspect to consider while opting for a video conferencing platform. This would make it easy for mobile workers to join meetings even while working or traveling off-site. Mobile access to video conferencing platforms can be a major enhancement to productivity.

Reinforced and agile security

Security is a prime consideration in today’s communication. It is critical that there is no unauthorised access to sensitive data. Enterprises need to ensure SSL encryption and proprietary encryption even on their video conferencing infrastructure. Unauthorised access to meeting IDs and passwords could lead to grave consequences. Nowadays, AV professionals integrate video conference platforms protected by a dedicated firewall. This provides added control and reinforces security.

Enterprises need to understand upcoming trends video conferencing solutions. This would allow them to be equipped in maintaining seamless communication that is secure, productive and cost-effective. There are a lot of ideas brewing in the video communication segment. Here’s to seamless video conferencing in your business!

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