Gone are the days where teaching was limited to only textbooks and notebooks. Technology has seeped into every aspect of our life including the way education is being imparted. Teachers can’t overlook the emerging trend of technology in the classroom.
AV Technology in the classroom is no longer a new phenomenon. Today, Schools are deploying classroom AV solutions for a wholesome and interactive learning experience.

More access to audio-visual devices

Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are the fastest-growing acquisition segment in modern households. These days, children are familiar with using computers and other electronic devices. Sticking to archaic ways of teaching could create a gap between teachers and students. An interactive learning environment keeps students engaged and makes them ready for a progressively digital society & workforce.

With both students and teachers becoming more tech-savvy, schools and colleges need to install more classroom AV solutions. Schools can provide simple push-button control of AV devices for a creative, user-friendly, and fun learning environment. Apart from PCs and Tablets, new-age collaborative technology like interactive projectors and whiteboards can be extremely beneficial. AV solutions can facilitate easy collaboration, participation, and dedication from your students. This leads to added retention of day-to-day learning. Having AV solutions could also help students connect with other students from anywhere across the globe. Imagine the learning experience it could create!

A wholesome way of imparting education

Experts have noticed that students react much better audio-visual aids rather than textbooks. Grabbing student’s attention is winning half the battle for teachers and educators. Classroom AV solutions have the ability to immerse students in the topic being discussed. Students are attentive and show interest in the subject being taught. It is almost like taking students to a museum without actually leaving the classroom premises. Having an interactive learning environment aids meaningful conversations and experiences among students. Teachers no longer have to worry about lack-of-concentration and retention among students.

There have been discussions about teachers having poor confidence in using technology for education. Skepticism with emerging technology has always prevailed. A little training and pro-activeness from teachers could help schools overcome this hurdle. To add to this, AV manufacturers have responded by making AV equipment increasingly user-friendly.

The benefits of interactive AV solutions in the classroom environment are evident. Even parents have taken notice of this. Recent reports show that parents are willing to spend extra to ensure their children get an interactive learning environment. Schools should make note of this and take the steps towards integrating classroom AV solutions. Here’s to good education in the future!

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(Content and image courtesy: www.educationbusinessuk.net & www.avmedia.cz)

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