You may have always wanted to record that vital board meeting, that important training, or that once-in-a-lifetime court proceeding. So, how can you do all of this? Simple – just invest in and set up AV recording solutions!

AV recording solutions are mainly used for three applications: recording board meetings and other important corporate gatherings; recording training sessions being held across different offices or in the same office, and recording courtroom proceedings for high-security prisoners. In the latter, the judge visits the prison and the court proceeding is held there and recorded.

The different AV recording solutions are:

1) Stand-alone recorder: This is still being used by media persons to record interviews, and so on.

2) Infrastructure-based recorder: This is being used by companies that have branches in three to our different locations. The AV recording infrastructure is connected to all locations via an IP network, hence the name.

3) Cloud-based AV recorder: This AV recording infrastructure has everything in one box, including voice, data, video, and so on.

The stand-alone recording has all of the recording equipment in the same room. The infrastructure-based recorder records everything at a central location. The cloud-based recorder has all of its hardware at the service provider’s location.

The latest AV recording solutions enable streaming, so that while the equipment is recording, the streaming output can be sent to upto a 1000 participants. Today’s cloud-based AV recording solutions can stream audio and video conferencing (VC) output to about 10,000 people at the same time. In the future, this output will reach about 20,000 users at the same time.

The way that this VC output can reach so many users is simple: when you upload a video on your server, it will create a link of that video and automatically give the link to 10,000 employees on individual email IDs so that they can view the video recording.

This is just the beginning of innovation where AV recording solutions are concerned. The future will bring improved connectivity to many more people. Watch this space for more…

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