The reality of the business environment today, is that many companies and organisations have meeting rooms, conference rooms, boardrooms which are globally connected. While these are tremendously powerful tools to have, there are some problems that can potentially occur in these circumstances due to poor or just outdated design. These problems often undermine the quality of communication and collaboration that the rooms are supposed to enable.

However, there are several new technologies which can enrich the collaborative environment allowing effective communication every time. In an article here, Infocomm provides some inputs on the trends it sees across conference rooms worldwide, and makes some suggestions you should follow if you want to transform your meeting space.

A few insightful extracts from the article…

Flat-panel displays and videowalls are replacing outmoded technology — “As more organizations enhance company communications, flat panel displays and videowalls are making their way into the conference room, replacing outdated projectors, whiteboards and flip charts. The benefits are many. These displays gauge attention and provide a robust way to communicate. They make it easy for people to share content from their laptops, tablets and smartphones on a room-size display.”

Higher-resolution displays are transforming presentations Today’s leading-edge 4K displays feature greater pixel densities that translate into improved image clarity. The result is crisp presentations that engage audiences. In addition, intricate scientific graphs, detailed spreadsheets, high-definition photographs and other content can be presented with unprecedented precision — making it easier to communicate fine details.”

Touch is taking collaboration to the next level — “With touch now available on wall-sized displays and tiled videowalls, meeting participants have a much more dynamic way to communicate and collaborate. Participants can markup information right on the display, conveying their ideas with precision and ease.”

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