Whitepaper: VOIP in the Conference Room: How IT Managers can enhance user experience

With the growing popularity of Voice over IP (VoIP), we can expect to see the technology adopted in most organisations over the next few years. But as they look to replace their existing analog phone systems with VoIP systems, they will also need to consider the unique audio requirements in conference rooms.

Unless certain issues are effectively addressed, they can spoil user experiences and lead to frustrated users, missed conversations, and potentially even lost business. In this interesting whitepaper, Biamp provides IT managers with useful insights into the impact of room acoustics and the variety of AV and user devices, on the quality of the user experience.

Some interesting observations made in the whitepaper…

“As an IT leader, the network is your domain. Now that audio resides on the network, you are responsible for creating productive user experiences in conference rooms and ensuring that all audio signals, regardless of source, are seamlessly and clearly integrated into audio and video conferences.”

“If your conference room needs to accommodate multiple remote parties at the same time, it is important to ensure all audio is fully integrated so all participants can hear each other clearly regardless of whether they are connecting by cell phone, video conference, landline, or PC.”

“The benefits of VoIP will naturally extend to the conference room. Users have come to expect high-level sound quality, without clipping or frustrating ambient noise—something IP conferencing phones can’t provide.”

AV Solutions, Audio Visual Consultants at Actis Technologies India