Corporate training programs help in unleashing hidden employee potential, upgrade skills and ultimately, improve corporate productivity. Like for all other corporate departments, the training and development department is increasingly being held accountable for cost saving and more measurable returns on investment. To achieve this, corporate trainers are embracing new forms of learning to deliver training and development.

Video collaboration is one such method whereby trainers can make the most of shrinking training and travel budgets. Video collaboration technology has greatly improved over the years. Higher quality is available at a lower cost, thereby making this technology accessible to organisations of all sizes and scopes.

Businesses are now able to connect employees present at different and remote locations using a variety of live video options. Moreover, this live video can be used on its own, or in conjunction with other virtual technologies such as online classrooms to deliver interactive education.

Video collaboration offers a deeper, richer experience for both instructors and learners. Live video collaboration results in the richness of face-to-face communication without the time and cost of travel. Learners can tune in from training rooms, desktops, or even mobile devices, and experience a fully immersed learning experience.

Benefits of video collaboration in corporate training

This white paper by Polycom describes the 5 benefits of using video collaboration in corporate training. So, here goes…

1) Reducing costs: Traditional training is very expensive and time-consuming. Video collaboration can significantly reduce the costs of the extensive planning and coordination required for in-person courses. You can also stream real-time, record and playback the learning session. Also, trainers can adjust easily if training schedules change. And they do not need to repeat a course, but can record all courses, thereby reducing trainer fatigue.

2) Driving business results: Increasingly, trainers are being asked to ensure that learning and development align with corporate strategy and also that it helps drive business results. Training that eliminates the need for travel not only saves time but increases the effectiveness of each individual contributor. Also, training is much more personal over the video, as you can maximize one-on-one interaction.

3) Training a variety of learners: Not all employees share the same learning style. There is a rise of a new breed of technically savvy, socially networked employees that are very different from the traditional learners. Video collaboration can be easily used for onboarding, continuing education, flexible work environments and so on. Learners can participate from office, home or any other remote location, thereby accessing training sessions and course content from anywhere.

4) Maintaining interest: Video collaboration is fast becoming the “classroom of the future”. The level of interaction that is possible, encourages employee engagement in a way that a lecture cannot. Through video collaboration, you can teach product details, support knowledge, and selling strategies to a widespread audience. What’s more, you can do this in a way that makes each learner feel like they are being personally mentored.

5) Reducing travel: If your company needs to minimize travel, video collaboration is a clear answer. Real-time video training eliminates the need for travel reduces time out of the office, and even minimizes day-to-day job disruption. With travel costs being reduced considerably, there is no pressure to compress training into a very tight window. Video can also connect learners with trainers across the globe, thereby saving additional costs as well as increasing the quality of the training.

When it comes to internal corporate training, video collaboration simply makes a lot of sense. Now you know the various benefits that accrue to businesses by switching to video collaboration for their corporate training. So, do keep these benefits in mind when setting up a video collaboration solution to meet your company’s training needs. Here’s to cost-effective and seamless learning and training!

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