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What you can do with simple affordable home control

We’ve talked in the past about Crestron’s Pyng system (or app) and how it brings simpler and more affordable control and automation features to our living spaces. A key advantage of this system is that once it’s installed by an AV specialist, it can be easily managed, administered and expanded by home owners too.

In this video, Crestron describes the many everyday benefits that this home control system can deliver and also provides a look at how simple and convenient many everyday tasks become. Because all your settings are backed up to the cloud, this system ensures that you can quickly recover older settings even if you make a mistake in configuration. Other useful features like multi-room audio are also available as a part of this system.

This clearly heralds the arrival of a new generation of home control and automation systems, which bring home professional quality performance and reliability, along with extremely intuitive use and management features.

Why not give it a try in your home?

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