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Welcome to the notes-free classroom

How about integrating a camera in your classroom or businesses so that the students don’t ever have to take notes again?  This requires an image capture or camera system, which is used more by the participants of a learning session, than it is by the presenter or faculty conducting it.

WolfVision has introduced a high-quality image camera system EYE-14 which features on board recording functionality allowing entire lectures and presentations to be captured in exceptional quality. This means that you can just watch the session to revise what was covered. With the vSolution link software, the system can stream out video and audio to computers, tablets, or smartphones. It is a quick, easy, and innovative solution, which is popular in schools, universities, businesses, and organisations.

The 14x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom offers great flexibility, which enables larger and smaller objects to be easily seen and picked up. The flexibility is enhanced by a built-in laser, which marks the pickup area and the powerful camera allows a wide range of installation options. The system can be mounted on a ceiling, integrated into a dropped ceiling, tripods, pan-tilt zoom mounts, or wall mounts designed for video, room, or surveillance systems.

A very useful feature which lets students with mobile devices participate more actively is the option for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) which features wireless connectivity and displays live images like videos, documents, graphs, and powerpoints from your tablet. This live image can be pushed to the screen from anywhere in the room. The HD recording solution helps to record the videos and pictures on 8GB of internal memory and external hard drives or USB sticks can also be used for additional storage.


EYE-14 Application

Features are as follows :

Powerful HD cameras with optical zoom can store thousand of images

HD Video recording with 8GB internal memory and facility for external drives

Center Lasermarker

Wireless Connectivity (with BYOD Pack) and streaming options

Energy Efficient

Continuous Firmware Updates

Supports WEP, WPA and WPA2 wireless encryption

For more information about EYE-14 visit or contact our team at 022-30808000/

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