Now you can view what your display will look in your office environment even before you have installed it. Sounds too good to be true? Well, there is now a reality tool that lets you do all of this and more…

Planar has come up with a groundbreaking, augmented reality tool, that transforms the way people envision and plan their commercial display environments. This tool is the PlanarView Visualization App. This free mobile app lets you virtually design and visualize display solutions in a user’s real-world environment. And this is much before you actually set up a display.

PlanarView utilizes the latest augmented reality technology so that customers can overlay Planar displays on top of photos of their actual spaces. They can also design product arrays and provide a truly realistic and professional visualization of their designs.

Using PlanarView, you can create high-quality, intuitive visualizations in three simple steps. These are:

1) Take a photo of your space: As users of this app, you can quickly take a photo of a space from your mobile device by tapping the “Create” button from the home screen and photographing the environment. You can also add scale and proportion by outlining the corners of your space and using a slider to measure and indicate the dimensions.

2) Select and configure your digital displays: You can scroll through a list of products to determine which Planar displays you want and then add them to your environment. You can add products in any arrangement to bring their customized design to life by adding video content. This adds a dimension of realism to your display configurations.

3) Save, edit, and share your designs: Once you are satisfied with your design, you can save it and then, retrieve it from your mobile device. PlanarView allows you to share designs via email and Facebook. You can also quickly obtain quotes for your configurations from Planar. You can also obtain instant product information about specific Planar displays.

PlanarView is available for iPad® and iPhone® and requires iOS 8.3 or later.

Some of the features are:

Visualize Planar displays in any environment
Streamline design, planning and sales process
Compare different displays and configurations to determine ideal display design for a space
Share design with colleagues and customers and submit to Planar for a quote

So, now you do not have to wonder what your corporate display will look like in reality. PlanarView is here as a reality tool to let you see your display even before it’s designed, simply by using your imagination! Do use this tool and be well on your way to design both beautiful and functional corporate displays…

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