Today, classrooms around the world are changing. In these modern universities and colleges, you will find new teaching and learning methods such as flipped classrooms and online libraries of curriculum content available to students.

As part of their shift to open courseware and rapid globalisation, some universities are also offering Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to students around the world. This is changing the way students access and learn information, thereby transforming higher education.

In this video, Wolfvision USA talks about how Wolfvision visualizers can be used to record MOOCs without needing additional complicated equipment. 


Using the visualizer to record and transmit MOOCs
Using the visualizer to record and transmit MOOCs

This visualizer has an internal memory of 8GB, a built-in microphone, integrated WLAN connectivity, and external inputs and switching capabilities. It can be used for information sharing, lecture capture, and content recording for modern-day universities.

MOOCs are already a game changer in education. This trend is only likely to increase in the future. With recording facilities becoming increasingly simple and accessible, the recording of MOOCs is poised for exponential growth.

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