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Revolutionise your video communications experience

Do you need a video communications experience that will blend seamlessly with, and enhance your business needs and goals? Do you need to leverage the power of the cloud and integrate it with your video conferencing solution? Have you always wanted to be able to communicate effortlessly through video from your smallest conference room?

In this video, Craig Malloy, Founder and CEO of Lifesize, talks about how video communications is being revolutionised, with the latest products and technologies helping even small conference rooms to be connected.

video communications experience

Some key insights which may be of interest: 

With only 5 percent of meeting rooms being currently equipped with video communications, this number is growing rapidly.

Video communication products are helping both businesses and individuals to connect to the cloud, bringing video communications within easy reach of even the smallest conference rooms.

Video communications is now of the highest quality, being both compact and affordable.

Video communications now provides multi-party calling, corporate directories, presence, and automatic software updates.

Many business users prefer to use their personal collaboration tools like Lync, Google Hangout, and Skype in a small meeting room, transforming these tools into video communications platforms.

You can now turn your personal collaboration app into a stunning conference room experience, suitable for a team meeting and more.

Access to these tools and technologies will help to extend the connected experience to every person in every room. So, welcome to a world where video communications is being re-imagined even as we speak. A world where every person and every business will be connected by video to revolutionise the way business is conducted. Welcome to a new world!

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