Enjoy lifelike content with the new LaserPanel optical flat screen

If you want to watch high-resolution movies in your living room, or be able to present lifelike content in your meeting rooms at work, you now have an alternative to the ubiquitous LED flat screens. Welcome to the dnp LaserPanel 100” Optical Flat Screen!

These optical flat screens are a very real alternative to LED flat screens in meeting rooms, classrooms, and even private homes. They offer the most attractive size-cost-quality profile available today.

dnp LaserPanels give you high-contrast images at a fraction of the cost of an LED flat screen. They meet your demands for a large easy-to-install display size, even as they remain affordable for businesses, educational institutions, and homeowners.

How this optical flat screen works 

The dnp LaserPanel is based on optical screen technology. It is powered by a laser projector that is mounted over the screen, which shoots down from a steep angle. The display is mounted on the wall like LED flat screens.

Also, this screen is optimised for comfortable viewing. The brightness and contrast of the image is adjusted based on the lighting in the environment, so that you do not have to adjust your eyes constantly, thereby preventing eye strain.

This optical flat screen is a compact display that can be fitted into any conference or meeting room. It comes as a one-box solution, that includes a laser projector, a screen, and a projector mount. All the elements of the display can be mounted on the wall with the projector above or below the screen.

The dnp LaserPanel is available as a standard version as well as a Touch version for interactive presentations. The dnp LaserPanel Touch is equipped with an interactive camera and an IR pen.


Optical flat screen in a meeting room
Features of this screen 

100″ optical flat screen display in 16-9 format

Optical screen and laser projection technology

Optimised for comfortable viewing

Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080p)

One-box solution

Touch version available

So, now you know more about the dnp LaserPanel optical flat screen display. Do buy and install this optical flat screen for a very real, lifelike, and convenient viewing experience. With the availability of this optical flat screen, there is now a very real alternative to the LED flat screen. So, buy, install, and enjoy!

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(Content and images courtesy: www.dnp-screens.com)

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