Imagine having a presentation system that turns your classroom or conference room into a knowledge sharing repository of content and information, where you can easily and conveniently share topics or materials, in real time, with multiple users.

WolfVision Cynap System

Wolfvision has introduced the Cynap presentation system that enables users to share content, information and materials in any format, from any device, to any location, at any time. Cynap plays, displays, records, and streams all commonly-used media at the same time, providing almost unlimited media options during presentations, lectures, and collaborative sessions. It is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices, and it allows up to four devices to share content simultaneously on-screen with a 4K UHD output resolution.

Presentation with Cynap system

Its features are as follows:

Information on demand : The system can play, display, record, and stream all commonly-used media simultaneously, providing incredible versatility during meetings, lectures, and collaborative sessions.   

Efficient Knowledge sharing : The system can stream live lectures or meeting content and even record these. This allows remote students or meeting participants to access information regardless of geographic location.

Bring your own device (BYOD) : The system offers an all-in-one wireless BYOD solution, which is suitable for smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Using an iOS, Android, or Windows device enables information to be accessed from almost any source.

Flexible recording and sharing : The system features a recording functionality that can capture all presentation and lecture content. This also includes video recording. The materials are captured in high definition, and saved either internally, or to a connected USB stick which can be shared. Recipients can personalise their own copy of the recorded stream by adding notes and annotations in real-time.


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