If you’ve wanted to use ultra short-throw (UST) projectors in your meeting room or living room, but have not really been able to find the right projection screens, you are in for a welcome surprise. The dnp family of Supernova Short Throw (ST) screens can be used in environments where there is a lot of ambient light and where viewers want sharp and crisp images in different environments.

There are three screens that are a part of the dnp Supernova ST screen family. These are:

dnp Supernova STS
dnp Supernova STW
dnp Supernova STE

Projection solutions with these dnp Supernova ST screens offer large, high-contrast images at an optimum price.

These three screens boost contrast and enhance image quality in a series of challenging user environments. These range from conventional meeting rooms and auditoriums to control rooms and simulation displays, and even digital signage.

These optical screens are a perfect complement to UST projectors. These three screens enhance image contrast in brightly-lit rooms by rejecting ambient light and AV installers are able to overcome the contrast limitations of UST projected images. This complementary solution, a UST projector paired with a dnp optical screen, opens up a number of new, potential user scenarios.

Details about the different screens:

The dnp Supernova STS screen is perfect for standard viewing angles. It is based on circular Fresnel technology and optimizes the image for standard viewing angles, meaning that people seated in front of the screen can enjoy the best possible image quality. Screen sizes are available up to 100″ in 16:9. This screen is protected by a surface coating that makes it suitable for touch applications. This model can be used with the projector mounted either below or above the screen.

The dnp Supernova STW screen is optimised for wider seating arrangements, such as classrooms and auditoriums. This screen incorporates a Black/White lenticular lens structure that absorbs incident light from above. For this screen, the projector should be mounted below the screen so that the optical filter works properly. This model is available in sizes up to 110″ in 16:9.

The dnp Supernova STE screen is designed for edge-blending displays where several projectors generate a seamless image onto a wide screen. This screen incorporates dnp’s Black/White lenticular technology. The screen material is available in sizes up to 181″ in 32:10 and up to 231″ in 46:10 format.

Some features of these three screens are:

Unique optical screen technologies
Best-in-class performance with Ultra-Short-Throw-Projectors
Compact, space-saving installation design
Unrivalled front projection image-contrast
Ready for interactive touch screen applications
Screen sizes up to 231” in 46:10
Compatible with a wide range of UST projectors
4K compatible

So, now you know more about these high-quality optical screens that can be used in a variety of environments with different and ambient lighting. These screens pair well with UST projectors to give you sharp and beautiful images. Here’s to a superior viewing experience, wherever you may be, and in whichever room!

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(Content and images courtesy: http://www.dnp-screens.com/)

AV Solutions, Audio Visual Consultants at Actis Technologies India