Digital signage solutions have helped many businesses give valuable information to employees, guests, customers, and clients. If done right, it informs, engages, and leaves a lasting impression. Videos can run on a loop while text scrolls across the screen giving information that is persuasive.

Numerous companies have already replaced digital signage solutions in their business operations and even in their office spaces. The whole idea is to impact your target audience while they spend time in lobbies, cafeterias, walkways or other places.

There is a misconceived notion that these solutions are aimed largely at corporate and big enterprises. This may arise due to many reasons such as lack of information on the product and services available and the fact that some solutions may not be affordable to small-to-mid businesses and enterprises. Running small and medium businesses (SMBs) has its own challenges such as low operating capital and minimal real-estate availability. IT resources in SMBs have very minimal and restricted budget allocations.

Our aim is for you to understand how SMBs can also leverage the benefits of digital signage solutions without the enterprise-level price tag. There are cost-effective ways to integrate signage solutions even in SMBs. Let’s have a look.

What are the benefits of SMB’s?

Before we go ahead, it would worthwhile to understand the benefits of digital signage levels in SMBs. This would help you get a well-rounded perspective.

– One-time-cost: Digital signage equipment is designed to be robust, as they have long run-times. These products are a one-time investment and usually don’t require any maintenance.

– One solution, many possibilities: One solution can be used for a host of different applications ranging from retail advertising, infotainment, digital menu display, and even entertainment. They adapt to your business environment and needs.

– Fastest access to content: As these solutions are digital, they can be updated and changed in a matter of seconds, unlike print-based signages. Rich multimedia can be easily accessed via the internet and various other desired sources.

– Using Content to Sell: With signages installed, SMBs can use digital content to build trust in existing customers, attract visitor/prospects attention, target information based on demographics, and bring agility into your communication.

What should be the approach?

Running a successful SMB is not a simple task. In most ways, it is equally complicated as running bigger size organizations. Digital signage for SMBs should be targeted to meet their requirements and goals. All along, the focus should be on direct revenues and low operational costs. SMBs should approach AV integrators to get an idea about the feasibility of a digital signage solution. They could also work on a budget-based approach to help get maximum value on your investment.

What are the digital signage solution options for SMBs?

Digital signage solutions are relatively easy to set up in your business. It can be provided by your AV integrator. High-definition monitors and digital signage software will allow complete control over the content you display. SMBs have a plethora of solutions to choose from. This could range from integrated networked signage with a dedicated processor from brands such as Crestron and Extron or a basic setup with flat-panel LED TVs and HD media streamers. There is also a wave of SaaS-based Content Management Systems (CMS) bundled with low-cost Android media players and computing devices. This can make digital signage become a lucrative and appealing option for SMBs.

Finally, with a digital signage solution, you can customize the display to serve your business goals. Every business is unique, so it should be their message, tone, and delivery. Make interesting selling propositions and make your business even more appealing to your visitors.

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