The past decade or so has seen an unprecedented change in the technology infrastructure that connects different parts of our lives together, and is driving change in our lives in incredible ways. It’s amazing to recall that just a decade ago, we couldn’t take even broadband Internet for granted – let alone widespread 3G and 4G and other forms of connectivity that have become an inextricable part of our lives.

Incredible as it seems, this radical transformation of our connectivity has been surpassed by the improvement of hardware and software elements, with powerful mobile devices and operating systems (how quaint the communicator from Star Trek seems today).

From the smartphone age to the Smart Home age?

What this means is that not only do we have “the network” everywhere, but thanks to powerful smart phones we have powerful computers with us everywhere we go too. In fact the terms “phone” and “computer” seem almost archaic in a world dominated by smart phones and tablets.

This combined evolution of hardware and software means that we have many small devices that can think, and also that we can have larger systems to monitor and control these devices. Creating “smart environments” has been difficult and expensive in the past, and the preserve of “business users” but all of this is changing very rapidly. The tools and technologies required to create smart rooms and smart homes are now reasonably affordable and can help us achieve a considerably more comfortable and convenient experience in our own homes.

smart home solutions

What are the 3 key benefits of home automation?

Motion sensors combined with environment and lighting control systems can even eliminate the need to turn lights and fans on and off when your kids come in and out of a room. And when you need to create the right mood for watching a movie or entertaining your friends, that’s just a quick tap away too.

Safety, security and monitoring of your home when you are away: You can run your home while you’re away through a remote device like a smart phone or a tablet. You can have the ability to turn on small appliances and lighting with a few taps from anywhere in the world and turn off any devices that may be a safety hazard. Your family can also enjoy added safety through your ability to control lights in your home, both to save electricity and also to turn them on from time to time if you want to make it appear like you are home. Automated door locks can help provide peace of mind, as you can lock your doors with the tap of a finger. You can be alerted each time someone enters your home and can also monitor who is entering via security cameras, even when you are not around.

Savings and increased energy efficiency: The most immediately apparent and beneficial impact of a home automation system is the effect it has on your monthly power bills. Intelligent software and sensors work together to help you identify where wasteful consumption is happening and can eliminate it quickly. You can set this up for lighting, climate control, and the scheduling of your key appliance functions and help cut your energy costs by a significant amount. More intelligent home automation systems can do most of this automatically and in real-time, changing the lighting to changes in daylight, time schedules, and depending on who is in the house at the time.

If you’ve been wondering about whether it’s time to make your home smarter, our advice is that the best time for it is NOW.

Convenient control and enhanced comfort in your home environment: Having things just right in your home can consume a lot of your attention and energy – which is why home automation can feel like such a boon. You don’t have to go to the other end of your house to check if the lights are off, or wait for ages before the air conditioning unit gets your room to the right temperature when you get back from a tiring day at work.

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