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The Millennial generation of 18-34 year-olds who are digital natives who attracting the attention of brand, advertisers, and political institutions with their buying power and youthful approach. Currently, they represent a huge chunk of the active workforce and are heavy consumers of electronics. Needless to say, they have drifted away from conventional modes of advertising specifically the print medium. So, it makes sense for marketers to adapt with this generation. Our blog discusses key reasons why digital signage is a perfect way to connect with the Millennials.

Digital signage highlights the experience

The drive behind applications such as Snapchat is the sharing of moments and not creating a static repository, but sharing moments. The popularity of such apps appeals to a desire to be present, not necessarily interactions. This ought to be a growing trend in digital signage.

Digital signage loops in mobile

Research has shown that messages that show up on billboards or other out-of-home advertising help prime mobile interactions much more than television or magazines. It is predicted that DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) media with offer hyper-local connectivity to target audience’s mobile devices. Combined with mobile & wearable technology, digital signage can strengthen relationships.

Digital signage can be personalized

Using a variety of techniques, the content and messaging of a digital signage can be personalized according to the viewer, day, current news, or demographics, making it more appealing a generation that has had its experiences customised right from the start.

Digital signage can be used for social causes

Digital signage networks not only can advertise consumer durables, but can also be used for emergency messaging and something this generation values alot, public awareness. For e.g. a company called Ocean from U.K. leveraged digital signages for awareness of domestic violence victims serving as a great example and making signages a conduit for social impact.

Digital signage is relevant

And finally, because where you go is a matter of personal expression, location-based signage (indoor, outdoor, etc.) ultimately will allow brands to seem more relevant, just by being in those spaces where potential customers physically congregate. Relevance proximity and availability is the biggest tool to attracts Millennials

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