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Choosing the right display for business or personal use can be a difficult task. Numerous factors such as environment, setup and duration of use can have a profound impact on the lifecycle of the display. Every application or AV system integration project has its own set of requirement and challenges.

From a retail price-point, consumer TVs definitely seem like the most lucrative option of the two. However, in certain situations, the benefits of a commercial grade displays can outweigh the cost difference and value offered. Our post helps users understand the benefits of commercial displays over run-of-the-mill consumer TVs.

Optimized brightness

Commercial displays are designed keeping in mind high-ambient light conditions they are usually deployed in. Their brightness levels range from 350 to 2,500+ cd/m2 which is much higher than the average consumer TV which has levels of 350 cd/m2 or lower. Thanks to images are clear and vivid even in daylight.

Built for the long run

Commercial and signage displays have superior onboard cooling. They are specially designed to run for anywhere between 16 to 24 hours per day. On average, this is much more than consumer TV models usually endure. Furthermore, they also have special technology integrated that aid in image retention and resolution issues.

Ergonomically designed

Compared to their commercial counterparts, consumer TVs are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and sports elements that protrude and tend to be bulky. Other the other hand, commercials displays offer a clean, sleek look and are quite often flush-mounted leaving only the space for the message/content. In fact, many prominent manufacturers of commercial displays don’t even incorporate a logo on the front fascia.

Commercial displays are built for high-traffic environments, the build-quality is designed for public spaces and can even be weatherproof if required. Another important design factor is that consumer displays do not support portrait mode. On the other hand, commercial displays can be mounted in a range of positions, as dictated by the requirement.

Warranty and after sales service

Whether you admit it or not, a huge influencing factor while buying most electronics including TVs is the warranty and the brand’s track record when it comes to after sales service.

This could be the biggest factor, superior service and support. Commercial displays from brands are sold by a network of authorised global partners and are supported by the company.

Consumer display models have a limited warranty with some of them offering only 90 days validity. Commercial display brands usually offer onsite warranty for longer durations (in years) and may even provide replacement during redundancy.

While the consumer models may seem like a better option due to the pricing factor, the value offered by commercial displays outweighs the monetary benefits, especially in applications where endurance is the norm.

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