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5 reasons why interactive whiteboards are taking over meeting rooms

Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) are changing the way office presentations are being delivered these days. They are a popular Classroom AV solution as well. Institutions and organisations are discovering that they are an excellent means to improve learning and an effective way to collaborate during meetings. The advantages an interactive whiteboard offers over the traditional whiteboard are far more superior. Some of them include:

Better engagement

As compared to the traditional power-point presentation that usually involves one person presenting and the rest of the members receiving information, an interactive whiteboard makes it possible for the other members to participate more actively in the presentation. Team members can easily share files and other findings that can make the meeting more productive.

Enhanced communication

An interactive whiteboard allows you to share real-time information with people attending the meeting from remote locations as well. This ensures that everyone in the meeting is on the same page as updates made to the plan are easily and instantly communicated with all. After the office presentation the participants can receive emails or copies of everything that was shared in the session.

Highlight key points with ease

An interactive whiteboard comes with a host of tools that let you emphasis on key points in the presentation and explain better. The technology allows the presenter to use 3D modelling, estimating, hyperlinking, video links and other applications to highlight the important points and communicate better with the audsmart classroomience. Moreover, he can make a note of the feedback immediately and include it in the document instantly.

Advanced sharing options

Interactive whiteboards prove excellent as classroom AV & office presentation solution because they provide a range of connectivity options. With the right hardware, users can connect it to IOS and Android devices by using a single application. This makes it possible to share the data with people using different technologies.

Easy access to information

The ability to use touch and gestures on the interactive whiteboard make it highly convenient to work with. You can use YOUR fingers or any other object to highlight points on the document or write on it. You don’t require hardware like a mouse or a pointer.

With an interactive whiteboard, companies can achieve better collaboration as a third party or client can easily provide their feedback. Presentation and incorporation of ideas can happen together which allows ideas to be built more effectively and saves time as well.



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