First Look: Upgrading a video-wall for a seamless video display

Actis was recently approached by a large financial services client to upgrade an older 12×6 tile video-wall at their facility, to achieve a more vibrant and seamless display.

To achieve the considerable improvement in image quality required, our team recommended the latest generation of 55” LED SMART Signage Displays from Samsung. These displays accept digital signals, allow for higher resolution, more vibrant colours, and feature advanced colour calibration and management. The larger size of the individual displays allows for a 4×3 wall with less “seams” than its predecessor for the same size of wall.


The ultra-thin bezel of these displays and the Chief video-wall mounting system, ensure an extremely tight, dust free fit and consistent alignment. The improved mounting system also allows the displays to be lifted out and locked into service more to make maintenance access very simple.

As you can see above, the final result is pretty amazing.

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AV Solutions, Audio Visual Consultants at Actis Technologies India