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5 Pro Tips on Creating Your Smart Home – Are You Ready to Enter the World of Home Automation?

Feeling the pull to create a functionally sophisticated smart home with the right apps, devices and platforms? On an everyday basis, several scenarios will make you want to turn your house into a smart home, and wave goodbye to a volley of worries.

Why a smart home makes life so much easier and convenient?

Here’s one such scenario that will make the allure of setting up a smart home only logical, especially in the modern, fast-paced world.

There is an urgent meeting your boss scheduled this evening, and unprepared for it, you made plans with the kids. But now with this meeting scheduled, the kids would be coming up home early, as you stay up at work, till late. How do you ensure they are safe at home? Who would get the door for them, considering the only keys to the door are with you. Should you call up your neighbors you hardly exchange pleasantries with and ask them to have your kids at their place for an indefinite period?

All such worries and complexities of unforeseen circumstances can be managed easily and effectively if you have a smart home.

A smart home equipped with class-leading, future-ready devices and applications would allow you to leave a message for the kids, safeguard their security, and ensure your kids get instant access to the home by punching in the right code, on the touch screen security panel.

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A smart home can do this and so much more!

  • It allows you to unlock your smart door lock with your phone, so you can enjoy comfort and security at the same time.
  • You can monitor your house inside-out from your smartphone for enhanced safety and peace of mind, irrespective of where you are.
  • A smart thermostat will optimize the room’s heating and cooling, also ensuring energy savings in the long run.
  • Robot vacuum cleaners that pair with your Android or iOS devices via an app will vacuum your house while you are away.
  • You can plug a smart switch into a power socket and then plug another device’s plug into it, so you can control it via an app on your smartphone or tablet. Further, allowing you to set schedules and monitor energy usage on electronic devices
  • Set mood lighting for different rooms in your house and control your lighting remotely from your smart device. You can also schedule the lights to turn on and off at preset times. 
  • Combine a smart doorbell with a security camera and you have a smart entrance system for your home. All you need is a smartphone.
  • Now you can make the entire experience of home entertainment wireless and controllable from your smartphone. Owning a  smart home cinema system means you program the smart control yourself by using the remote. Turning on your speakers, TV, changing channels, turning up speakers, and more is now easier than ever.
  • Get a text message or push notification when there is a motion detected in the house, or it’s time to take your medicines.

Is there a quick smart home guide for beginners? You bet there is…

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Creating a modern, futuristic smart home used to be painstakingly complex and expensive, but now you don’t need to be an expert on the subject or spend a mini-fortune to set up your own smart home.

Can I turn my home into a smart home?

Yes, definitely you can convert your home into a smart home. Just follow these expertly curated 5 simple steps to turn your home into a perfect smart home and have your smart home function seamlessly and smoothly.

1. Try Google Home / Amazon Alexa compatible devices:

Some smart home devices have their own apps, enabling you to control the basic functions. One such example is that of the devices that work with Google Assistant on Google Nest. These smart devices are compatible with Google, allowing you to use your speakers and displays to control TV, remote controls, appliances, thermostats and plugs. Also, Amazon’s Alexa is another functionally sophisticated and impressive option. It is like a personal assistant to have, that leverages intuitive voice commands to perform the required tasks.

2. Open an IFTTT account:

The service is an acronym for “If This Then That”. It allows you to set up a smart home hub in the cloud. There are several  IFTTT applets to choose from that will fit your needs. You can use them as a trigger, simply link them to your IFTTT account and as the trigger is activated, all you need to do is ‘point and click’ at the desired service or preferred device you want in action.

3. Look into advanced controllers:

Check out something like AtmosControl that allows you to put a panel on your wall, enabling easy control of many of your smart home devices from one hub. If you are filling your home with a smart home device, it would be a good idea to control the smart home gadgets via the smart home hub.

4. Check out sophisticated multi-room audio systems:

Audio systems from Sonos and Yamaha (MusicCast) enable you to drop speakers across different rooms in your home, and stream music from online services like Spotify or listen to something from your curated playlist.

5. Set realistic expectations from your smart devices:

A smart home targets pain points in your everyday life and helps make your life easier and convenient. But to think the smart home gadgets would remain future-proof forever, then you are going to be disappointed. So it’s best to begin learning about integrations that will make your smart home functional while keeping your expectations in check.

Complete home automation can now be a hassle-free process

Finally getting your hands on everything that smart home technology has to offer to you, is not a good idea. If you are considering smart home functionality, Crestron Home provides some great sub-systems that include AV, lighting, HVAC, shades and security.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to building a smart home. If you are looking to set up a smart home and automate most of your tasks, we would be happy to help you make the right choices! So let’s get you started.