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Improving Usability and Reliability with Tighter Device Integrations for Soft VC Rooms – Featuring Zoom and MS Teams

As organisations look to optimise their collaboration infrastructure, they seek a combination of features, flexibility and affordability that fits their business realities.

Hybrid work models are becoming the “new normal”

With businesses now working from both office and home, digital team collaboration is here to stay. In today’s digitised environment, fitting meetings into daily workflows, managing teams, and conducting virtual conferencing requires tighter integration of meeting rooms with the organisational digital collaboration platforms.

This requires a more strategic approach towards creating more effective digital working models both at offices and alternate workspaces like home. Most organisations work with AV integrators who can bring an understanding of the post-pandemic shift in the work paradigm and the requisite integration skills to make various technologies work together.

Proper integration between software and hardware is critical for collaboration tools to function optimally

Software-based video conferencing solutions (or cloud VC) allows organisations a great deal of flexibility on how their teams can access and use video for collaboration. They also help reduce the cost of video access for individual employees and in physical meeting spaces.

But getting Soft VC to work seamlessly and intuitively in existing meeting spaces can be challenging, as the platforms you choose need to be integrated tightly with the collaboration hardware in the room itself. In scenarios where the built-in laptop hardware does not meet the standards of audio and video quality required, organisations need to look for a better fit.

Hardware certified for your video platform (be it Zoom, MS Teams, Webex or others) is a better choice in such scenarios and can play a critical role in improving the quality of calls and the usability of the room collaboration environment. It saves teams considerable amounts of time, frustration and also meeting productivity when deployed in Rooms and integrated properly.

Whether you opt for Microsoft Teams Certified Devices or Zoom Certified Hardware, Actis helps ensure that the video and audio conferencing experience is at enterprise-grade levels But what’s important is seamless integration and customisation, for improved collaboration and shortened deployment time.

Efficient integration facilitates the utilisation of unified communications and video platforms to their full potential, delivering robust audio and video in conference rooms, virtual meetings and hence improving enterprise productivity.

Tap into the power of technology integration to augment your meeting experiences

Expert help can create productive work experiences with better business outcomes.

Great Soft VC solutions, when implemented well can help in meeting the diverse requirements in the current hybrid work model, and beyond. This includes seamless communication across the organization and when teams need to work closely with remote participants.

For the individual user within the organisation, tools like Zoom and MS Teams provide a lot of benefits. They are easy to deploy among a large number of users and can be used with a wide range of devices. Their ease of use and low hardware requirements make them invaluable in the work-from-home scenario and also help when they are at their workspace in the office. The same consistent experience can also be transferred to a suitably equipped meeting room with ease, providing highly intuitive interfaces for meetings, training, town halls, webinars, and other forms of collaboration.

Tight integration of these video platforms with room hardware and Networked AV solutions means that the organisation gets many of the benefits of the common video platform and customised solutions for various work scenarios.

How certified devices can benefit your enterprise in the changing work culture

Devices like Creston Flex enable every participant in the workplace to experience high fidelity audio and high-resolution video. It facilitates ease of use for each participant as you can have a native Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms experience with its ability to connect to any laptop or mobile device for a BYOD experience. Logitech ConferenceCams are also a great pick to bring a dynamic video conferencing experience into smaller meeting spaces like huddle rooms as well as big conference rooms.

Poly room solutions for Microsoft Teams deliver effortlessly powerful collaboration experiences for smaller and mid-sized meeting spaces. With a simple setup process and all-in-one design, it can get any room in a workspace up and running in no time.

  • Enjoy better video quality and never miss out on any important communication nuances like body language or facial expressions.
  • Experience only stellar quality audio with quality mics and speakers
  • Start and maintain a consistent experience throughout your meetings without any disruptions.
  • Easy deployment of these devices ensures you save time on the installation process.

Don’t let anything disrupt effective team collaboration

Whether you want to integrate the Microsoft Teams experience into your organization or opt for Zoom rooms, our team of experts can help you create a seamless, consistent collaboration experience for all users.

This allows globally diverse teams spanning locations, time zones, languages, and even companies to securely connect with each other which helps boost individual, team and enterprise productivity.