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Top Digital Signage Trends for 2021 to Watch Out for

The worldwide pandemic-induced changes in the year 2020 led to several changes in technological communications, including some serious developments in the direction of digital signage trends and applications.

Touchless has taken charge of our lives

Several touchless technology solutions have continued to help businesses adapt to the dynamic demands of COVID-19 across 2020 and beyond. Interactive digital signage stands out with its customizability, broadcasting appeal, and as an effective tool to advertise and engage customers via the digital screen. Digital signage technology is now adopted across multiple industries including retail, security, events, exhibits, healthcare, education, and many more to inform, engage and promote.

There are several digital signage trends to look out for in 2021. Touchless, safer interactive solutions and virtual connectivity will continue to be the mandated demands in the post-COVID era, where maintaining customer safety and social distancing continues to be important.

Here’s a quick look at top digital signage trends for 2021 as touchless continues to reign.

1. Demand for non-touch interactive content

With the pandemic-induced economic meltdown, many businesses are now striving hard to recover from losses. Most people would continue to show discomfort and unwillingness towards touching screens that have been touched by many others before. That’s why there will be an increased demand for touchless, interactive, and personalized experiences as customers expect to consume the safer, and engaging form of content in the space of digital signage in 2021.

One example of this is people’s increased sense of comfort to engage with businesses online, which allows them to view products, make purchases, submit feedback or data online.

Meanwhile, the need to keep a personal touch with the customers has also increased the pressure on security and privacy protection on information sharing.

2. High-quality screen displays

The main source of social interaction in the new normal is mostly tech-enabled communication. In this climate of digitalization, it is now much more important than before for the quality of digital signage displays and brightness capacities to keep up with the demand and need for interactive and engaging customer experience.

Most tech-enabled companies are likely to focus on finding ways to improve user experiences with screen displays while making them increasingly accessible to a wider audience. That’s why the cost of these displays is projected to go down this year, ensuring a stronger presence of the digital signage displays across wider demographics.

3. Assimilation of automation into marketing

Content automation is going to make a splash in the realm of digital marketing. Several automated programs will allow businesses to create class-leading, relevant content and push it to the target audience.

Content scheduling is going to be a key component in posting and delivering high-quality content to the relevant audience. Automated content and platforms that facilitate efficient automation will continue to remain a large part of the digital signage ecosystem.

4. Digital access to physical displays

Remote work, virtual business management practices, and online purchases took the world by storm after the pandemic hit the world. The ‘new normal’ diktat has pushed the digital marketing industry to create more personalized customer experiences to forge a stronger connection and facilitate traction with the audience.

Most people are hesitant to leave the safety of their homes for shopping, and In 2021, this has made way for an emerging trend of implementing QR codes, creating digital galleries and virtual tours for the audience. This bridges the physical barrier immediately and creates instant digital access to physical displays and inventory in real-time.

Building compatibility between mobile devices and digital displays is a prominent trend that is going to gain popularity this year and help businesses gain more traction.

5. Facilitating internal communication at work

Apart from outward-facing advertising, another popular application for digital signage would be internal communication and notification at workplaces. To disseminate crucial information in shared spaces at work, companies are looking at digital screens as an effective tool.

Instead of searching for key company announcements or changes, employees can now access important pieces of information in a bite-sized format at the digital screen in common areas like reception, and cafeteria. Besides, it is a great way to cut down interruptions in the form of popping emails and chat for employee social networks.

Embracing technical advancements while ensuring safety

Finally, the global pandemic has entailed several changes in the way the world and businesses operated, but gradually everyone is embracing and navigating the realm of touchless interactivity.

With the promise of COVID-19 vaccine solidarity in 2021, most of us are already bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, while successfully adopting innovative digital signage trends and applications.