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Powerful Digital Signage Solution Integration Tips for Businesses

Digital signage also known as dynamic signage is a form of advertising where multimedia content is pushed to an audience in specific locations. These screens are ideally positioned in outdoor or indoor areas, where the ‘opportunity to see’ is high. Conventionally, digital signage solutions in India were used for informational purposes. However, now it has evolved and is used in more creative ways. Here, Actis Technologies’ experts share few digital signage integration tips for businesses to get an idea of where they should be investing their time, effort, and money.

Determine the objective

The most important digital signage integration tip is to define your goal before starting anything. It could be as simple as launching a new product or store, promoting a limited time offer or even creating awareness about an event. Whatever you decide, ensure you are pushing only one message or objective to avoid confusion. If your message is overloaded, it may hamper your goals and distract your audience.

Lock your target audience

Based on sound research from your marketing team, you should choose your target audience wisely. Your digital signage solutions message must be smartly crafted in order to appeal to the audience you wish to capture in the market. Your messaging strategy must change depending on the different target groups you decide to reach and the venues you feel where your audience are most active.

Reinvent your content

If your content is relevant to your audience, it will automatically resonate. Some of the best digital signage integrators in India are known for pulling the right strings and engaging audiences at the right places. Research has proved that the average attention span of humans would be 8 to 10 seconds. Keeping this in mind, you should ensure communication is short, crisp, and easy to comprehend. Your content could be revamped by using new fonts, maybe change the colours, make things stand out, but at the same time remember not to overdo it.

A call to action is critical

Keeping in mind a short attention span, your audience will not necessarily know how to move forward after receiving your digital signage message. You will have to include a call-to-action to ensure they have a suitable way to find your product or service. Remember it is as important to pull as well as push audiences once you capture them in the right places. Using phrases like “follow us on Twitter” or “sign-up at ” gives viewers a clear direction and helps them take the next step.

Keep the digital signage integration and location relevant

Most companies make the mistake of assuming that once the content is ready, they will use it at all locations. This is not the best approach. Keep your message relevant but also test a few options in different locations. You will realize that some messages work better with certain audience groups in specific locations only. Testing this content at various locations and at different seasons is what takes your reimagine your digital signage messaging!

More than just advertising

Digital Signage Integration Tips

Have a creative strategy that encompasses all aspects of your digital signage objectives. Don’t just see this as advertising and branding exercises for your brand. You can and should use digital signage in kiosks and on-ground setups to empower brand activation. Technology has improved and many companies use it to help their customers engage shop and automate their buying behaviours. Up-selling has led to a whole new business revenue stream for some businesses.

Have a broad strategy in place

It’s easy to assume that buying a lot of digital signage solutions can help you lead to instant success for all your objectives. This would be a sure-shot way to bankrupt your business. To enhance your user experience you will need to ensure that different parts of your digital signage strategy come together seamlessly to tell a consistent representation of your brand, product, or service.

According to a popular marketing research company, 70% of customers say that digital signage solutions help them to make purchasing decisions and 44% said that it convinced them to make a purchasing decision over what they had initially had in mind. The power of digital signage integration in India today prove to be effective in creating brand awareness, driving sales, provide measurable data insights and their solutions are cheap.

Do you have any interesting and useful enterprise AV integration tips? Use the comment section to share your ideas.

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