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Key audio conferencing tips to improve communication

There have been significant advancements in audio technology over the last century. From focused audio equipment to 3D surround systems, audio technology has changed the way we communicate and consume content. Coming to audio conferencing in India, the most important factor is the quality of audio transmitted. Over the years there have been many audio conferencing solutions that have been developed by various tech companies to curb the amount of disturbance in the background. Disturbances could include, soft background sounds like typing, electrical appliances, dripping of water, humming, and buzzing, etc.

These unwanted sounds could hamper the quality of audio during a conference call, making the speaker repeat the message and ultimately wasting a lot of time. The first impression is the most crucial in determining the relationship and future partnership of the business and a simple conference call can impact this result. Here are a few audio conferencing tips to ensure you have an effortless and productive collaboration session.

Ensure there are no background disturbances

Firstly, it’s important to have a separate room for conference calls that block unwanted surrounding sounds. Consider using soundproofing and beware of mobile ringtones and vibration alerts. Completely eliminating background noise would provide the ideal setting for your calls. This is one of the most important audio conferencing tips.

Ensure everyone speaks into the microphone

Audio conferencing solutions should be enumerated well so as to avoid making common mistakes while conferencing. Simple things like positioning the microphone appropriately and speaking loud and clearly into the microphones ensure that you are audible and on the right track.

Ensure everyone knows how to use the equipment

It’s safe to say that audio conferencing in India still has a lot of potential to grow. But while the technology advances, an ample amount of training should be provided so that everyone knows how to make good use of the equipment.

Ensure everyone has at least one microphone

All about audio conferencing tipsEveryone knows that sharing microphones can help you save money but what if it means it will cost you your business at a later stage? Don’t wait for things to escalate, ensure that each participant during the conference has equal access to a microphone or have their own. Normal microphones are not designed to be shared and passing one around would waste a lot of time.

Focus on the audio as much as the video

It’s easy to get distracted with the video feed during a conference call. Companies spend a lot on developing good video conferencing solutions but tend to forget that audio conferencing in India is the core of each and every conversation. Think about it, if the audio feed fails, would you be able to comfortably communicate in sign language? Focus on the audio first and you should be fine.

Quality and volume parameter checks before the call

Simple volume checks before the call could help in diagnosing any problems that may occur later during the call. Allow enough time for the conference experts to conduct a quality check on all the equipment. If you don’t have an AV integrator, consider hiring one or get a knowledgeable engineer from the team. Additionally, you could also hire an expert just for the day as per your requirement.

Ask for feedback

Ask for feedback

This is the most simple audio conferencing tip to overlook is asking for feedback from those on the other side of the line. This would help you and the conferencing team understand and rectify future problems, allowing for more productive audio conferencing solutions.

It is important to note that though the video may help in understanding body language and facial expression, the most important part lies in the subject of the conversation which is always communicated through the audio feed. These are the fundamental conferencing tips that will definitely ensure you have superb conference calls. So before you go ahead and invest a lot of money on high tech A/V equipment, ensure you and your team follow these 7 simple conference call steps.

Do you have any interesting audio conferencing tips to share? Use the comment section to share your ideas and suggestions.

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