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Enterprise telephony and communications systems for businesses are evolving. To add to this, unified communications (UC) providers have started offering enhanced features and mobile access to their reliable cloud platforms. However, numerous SMEs and private businesses still rely on legacy phone systems as a backbone for their communication needs.

Countless businesses are yet to enjoy the improved efficiency delivered by a unified communication solution for voice, video and data. That being said, there is a new wave of solutions aimed specifically to cater to mid-to-small level enterprises. These also serve as a lean communication solution in huddle rooms of larger enterprises. Here are four key reasons to upgrade your legacy phone system to a modern unified communication solution.

Remote Access and Mobility

Legacy system have limited options for mobile access. UC mobility applications allow users to send and receive calls from their office line on their mobile device of choice, and they also provide convenient access to voicemail as well as other standard voice over IP (VoIP) features. Most of today’s UC and VoIP systems are designed to offer full access, regardless of location and device. This enhances employee productivity and makes working simpler.

Cost Flexibility

Legacy phone systems are known to be expensive, both the integration and the upgrading process. Most modern Cloud UC and VoIP systems are priced on user licenses. The licensing model is scalable, allowing businesses to choose plans according to their needs. This flexibility can be especially beneficial to businesses experiencing rapid growth.

Maximum uptime even in emergency events

Most of today’s UC solutions are hosted in the cloud, which means that all communication services run on the platform’s servers and not on the client location. All systems in the platform’s server architecture are optimised for maximum uptime with some vendors offering 99.9% availability in their Service Level Agreement (SLA). Furthermore, this capability is included in the overall licensing is standard in most hosted unified communication plans.

BYOD connectivity and cost savings

In the modern workforce, almost all employees have smartphones, tablets or laptops which require connectivity. In an increasingly mobile workforce, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) connectivity is paramount. Many companies now recognize the importance and opportunity of BYOD to increase productivity, raise employee satisfaction, and minimize enterprise hardware overheads. Modern UC platforms easily allow BYOD connectivity.

If your company is still using a legacy phone system, now is the perfect time to consider upgrading. Apart from the cost and productivity benefits, you will be in a position to take full advantage of future innovation opportunities, making your system scalable and future-ready.


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