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In today’s business environment, seamless communication and collaboration between local and remote teams remain pivotal. Enterprises depend heavily on quicker and more number of interactions to stay on top of their game. In the past few years, audiovisual technologies are moving to a cloud and software-based applications, while hardware components have taken more of a behind-the-scenes role.

Browser-based cloud video conferencing users have been growing and there is an increasing demand to keep peripherals, boxes, and accessories out of sight in conference rooms and collaboration spaces. In addition to minimising the hardware clutter, AV integrators and equipment manufacturers are opting for converged, all-in-one, computer-run systems. Scalable and future-ready hardware is integrated and cloud-driven software updates replace costly upgrades.

Private cloud use has skyrocketed in the last two years, it grew by 63% in 2015 and by 77% in 2016. In today’s scenario, soft codec owns almost 3/4 time more market share than hard codecs. These are promising figures for the cloud video communication segment.

Needless to say, the shrinking state of hardware means each piece of audiovisual equipment bears greater responsibility. Therefore, the quality of your solutions is pivotal, now more than ever. It is hard to imagine certain audiovisual and communication technologies without a hardware component. The entire audiovisual industry along with integrators and equipment manufacturers are in a period of great transition and transformation. The changing role of hardware leads to convergence of AV-IT technologies, further blurring lines between the two. This also means that the future is relatively unknown, however, all the innovations in both software and hardware are exciting to watch.

With all these advances, it can be hard to keep up as an end user. The role of AV professionals is getting even more challenging. A professional AV integrator can help you figure out which pieces of your enterprise’s audiovisual equipment will soon be obsolete as well as which solutions are scalable in the long run.

The AV industry as a whole is in a great state. With these trends soon being available to all consumers, there is no doubt that the AV industry will point to a new horizon. Here’s to the audiovisual technologies of the future.


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