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Actis partner Lifesize was recently awarded the 2016 IBM Beacon Award for hosting an outstanding service on the IBM SoftLayer platform. This partnership with IBM translates into reliability, security and overall performance of the entire Lifesize network.

Lifesize was looking for a global networking infrastructure partner who could provide security, easy access, and deployment. IBM SoftLayer seemed like a perfect fit to provide the bandwidth needed to deliver a world-class video conferencing service that Lifesize is known for.

How does Lifesize benefits from this?

One of the major benefits of SoftLayer is its vast global network of data centers that are interconnected with a fast, secure, and private network. When the Lifesize service is used to communicate with participants situated around the world, instead of making the entire distance on the public internet, the call is routed to nearest SoftLayer PoP (point of presence). At this juncture, the call jumps on to SoftLayer’s ultrafast 2,000 Gbps fiber network to cross the globe with minimized handoffs between different data providers. Using the IBM SoftLayer’s network, Lifesize can decrease latency and instantly upgrade call quality.

How does this help Account Admins?

Lifesize understands how important video communication is in modern enterprises. If video service is down, business stops and the help desk tickets are raised. Lifesize always aims to achieve zero percent downtime. This is the exact reason why they make their solutions highly resilient and fault-tolerant.

The Lifesize architecture has an excellent redundancy plan. If one of the data centers were to go down due to catastrophic failure, the calls through that center would be immediately routed to the closest data center. This entire process is transparent and can be accessed by end users.

Revised SLA with 99.9% availability

Lifesize is ready to leverage IBM Cloud’s strategically placed data centers and best-in-class performance. They also reinforce their reliability by offering a financially backed 99.9% availability service level agreement (SLA) that promises less than 0.1% unplanned downtime per month. Furthermore, all communication streams secured by 128-bit AES & TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption by default. All these measures are a testament to the company’s commitment towards security or service availability.

For more information on leveraging the reliable Lifesize platform in your business, contact Actis at 022-30808080 or at

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