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In this era, apps are everywhere. There are applications to control just about everything. However, not too long ago, your good old physical remote control ruled the automation domain. Remotes and controllers were omnipresent on almost electronic equipment such as your TV, media players, soundsystem, shades and lighting control; almost everything. In fact, physical remotes largely still exist and are in active use.

Well, it’s 2016 and there is a paradigm shift in the way electronics can be controlled. There is finally a solution that combines the user-friendly interface of a modern smartphone app with the convenience of a remote control that connects to many, easy-to-set-up devices, all from the from the palm of your hands. Yes, you guessed it right, we’re talking about advanced home automation.

Crestron Pyng® – Smart Home Control & Setup App

Pyng by Crestron is an automation app for Apple iPad, iPhone and, iPod touch devices. This all-in-one system can completely control not only your AV system but also easily configure other aspects such as thermostats, lighting, shades, lock and security systems.

It has a fully customised user interface, that makes it easy to set up unique scene presets and a list of all rooms, while also individually naming (tagging) and connecting all accessories available. The app is easy to navigate through and quickly pairs with different devices, whether they are wireless or not, to the Pyng-Hub directly from the smartphone-based app.

With Crestron’s Pyng you can separately control specific devices or set up ‘smart scenes’ grouping elements to use unified commands such as ‘ALL ON’ or ‘ALL LOWER’, saving you time and effort. Interestingly, Crestron Pyng works well with a variety of streaming services such as Pandora, Spotify, and Apple iTunes, giving you full control of your music. With the option of adding up to 20 touch screens to a single system, it is great for homes, offices and business with multiple meeting rooms as well.

Pyng has already major awards in the home automation industry. Crestron Pyng technology makes your home more comfortable, convenient, entertaining, energy-efficient, and most importantly – classy. This app-controlled smart home automation technology shows Creston’s true prowess as a forerunner in this segment.

For more information on integrating Crestron’s Pyng automation in your home or business, contact Actis at 022-30808080 or at

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