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With the advancement of technology and the rise in demand for better communication tools is increasing rapidly. Both employers and employees have moved past simple projectors, laser pointers, and handwritten notes; enterprise communication is evolving.

Office AV solutions allow you to access files, work collaboratively on interactive screens and share data wirelessly. Upgrading your communication technology may seem like a costly investment, however, making meetings more effective have a significant return on investment in terms of increased productivity and efficient collaborations.

Our post discusses how enterprises can take advantage of new communication tools and increase ROI of Office AV solutions and save money in the long run.

1. Collaborating together

Interactive functionality in projectors allows many people to work simultaneously on the screen without an actual pen. Making annotations on the projected image is easy. In fact, you can open office productivity software applications or access remote content with even touching the computer. This ability to collaborate in real-time on documents and presentations in meetings is a bonafide asset to companies. All discussions and progress can be saved to a computer and distributed to participants and non-attendees after the meeting either via local network or via cloud access. This collaboration leads to faster and efficient decision making.

2. Higher BYOD adoption

BYOD (bring your own device) is a trend where employee-owned devices are being used within a business environment. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and USB storage devices which are owned by the employee are used for business interactions. The obvious benefit is that businesses save significant cost and time in providing their employees IT hardware.
It is an increasingly common sighting for visitors and clients involved in meetings to be able to bring in their devices, connect seamlessly to the display equipment and collaborate freely within minutes.

3. Going wireless – Cutting the cords

Using tablets and mobile devices as the interface between the presenter and the on-screen content are becoming increasingly popular. Whether it’s controlling a slideshow or accessing/manipulating data wireless presentation solutions is changing meeting room design and improving the way businesses conduct meetings. These days, many projectors have built-in wireless functionality to stream data in high definition. There are also advanced wireless presentation solutions from industry pioneers such as Crestron’s AirMedia technology.

4. Cloud Video Conferencing

Conferencing equipment is essential for companies to regularly meet with people across different geographic locations. Face-to-face meetings are still an important aspect of business communications. Cloud conferencing equipment gives businesses and its stakeholders and opportunity to slash travel costs and traveling time.

Cloud-based video conferencing allows companies to easily enjoy face-to-face interaction with minimal investment on office infrastructure. With the increasing popularity of video communication application such as Skype in both commercial and personal communication, it is only logical to be equipped for the near future. Cloud VC is fast becoming an integral part of Office AV solutions.

5. Future proofing your investment

It is important to future proof any investment in Office AV solutions equipment. Review the inputs and outputs you receive from the end users. Today’s Office AV solutions have provisions for HD video, audio, ethernet, power, and control transmission on a single cable, significantly cutting down cable costs for a typical business installation. Monitor both your current and future requirements.

Furthermore, keep an eye on upcoming technology trends. For e.g. 4K technology is already an active part of many electronics, so, it makes sense to have displays that have 4K support. Being ahead of the technology curve increases ROI of Office AV solutions and offers cost-saving in the long run.

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