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Lifesize announces easy interoperability and integration with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a platform that combines workplace chat, meetings, notes, and attachments. The service integrates with the company’s Office 365 subscription office productivity suite, including Microsoft Office and Skype, and features extensions that can integrate with non-Microsoft products. Microsoft Teams is poised to be the next evolution of communication within the Microsoft Office 365® platform.

Lifesize will soon be introducing new integration with Microsoft Teams that fits into a user’s existing workflow while opening up advanced communication and collaboration technologies from Lifesize. In early October 2018, Lifesize announced easy interoperability and integration with Microsoft Teams. Here, we take a look at what this means for both the enterprises and end-users.

Exploring the need for interoperability and integration

Microsoft and its products enjoy a huge database of users scattered across business verticals around the world. Over the last few years, the company has relentlessly tried to consolidate and unify its solutions making it easy for both everyone, the users, the enterprises paying for these solutions and Microsoft itself from a management and development standpoint. It’s not Microsoft alone. Even companies such as Cisco merged many of their products and services into the Webex platform. We’ve covered that in a blog earlier ( To add to this, every company uses different tools and standards for a host of other communication needs. To counter this scattered ecosystem, interoperability in required during integration of communication and collaboration tools.

Companies that have standardized on Microsoft applications use them for everything from email exchanging to word processing. With this in mind, solutions from Lifesize are designed to fit within that workflow while opening up more advanced communication and collaboration technologies. Lifesize makes Microsoft Teams better for users who will be able to create, schedule and join Lifesize meetings directly from the Microsoft Teams desktop app. Not only do Microsoft Teams users benefit from a streamlined workflow that enhances collaboration, but they also get an exceptional meeting experience through the open standards-based interoperability and exceptional quality video meeting service from Lifesize. Essentially, Lifesize plans to make Microsoft Teams even more easy to integrate, operate, and collaborate.

How will Microsoft Teams and Lifesize integration benefit the end users?

  • Users will have access to the same workflow they’re familiar with for scheduling and joining meetings from the Microsoft Teams app
  • They will be able to join Lifesize meetings with a single click from the Meetings tab in the Microsoft Teams app
  • Users will be able to use chat commands to instantly create and join Lifesize meetings from the chat interface in Microsoft Teams
  • They will be able to enable Lifesize for Microsoft Teams in specific channels or all of your Microsoft Teams channels
  • No other third-party tools or application will be required for this interoperability to work seamlessly
  • There will be better cross-platform communication and operation

Lifesize is a company that is centred around a reliable cloud-based service, smart conference room devices and standards-based interoperability. The video communication giant will extend the usability of the Lifesize® Icon™ conference room camera and Lifesize® Phone™ HD touchscreen conference phone into the Microsoft Teams environment. This would eliminate the need for complicated setups and multiple cameras and tools. Integration availability is scheduled to be rolled out soon. Follow Actis Technologies blog to stay in tune with the various happenings in the word of enterprise communication, collaboration, automation and AV integration.

(Content and Image courtesy: Lifesize)