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Kramer is one world’s leading brand providing innovative solutions powered by cutting-edge cloud technologies, advanced software applications, and class-leading hardware. Founded in the year 1981 by Dr. Joseph Kramer, the company has consistently grown and evolved with the AV industry, made its presence felt and served customers in six continents.

Earlier this year, the company introduced a truly versatile meeting and presentation solution. Kramer Electronics is now shipping the VS−622DT – an all−in−one presentation, signal routing, and automation controller. Here, we glance through the features of the Kramer VS-622DT and explain how they can benefit the end users.

Exploring the Kramer VS-622DT

Before we explore its benefits let’s glance through its features.

  • Resolutions up to 4K@60Hz (4:2:0)
  • Control Gateway with RS–232, IR, GPI/O, and Relay Ports
  • Data Rate up to 10.2Gbps (3.4Gbps per graphics channel)
  • Simple and Powerful Maestro 1.5 Room Automation
  • Power Amplifier — 1 x 120W @ 70V/100V & 2 x 60W @8 Ohms
  • Provides Power (PoE) on All HDBaseT Ports to Compatible Devices

With this all-in-one presentation system, users can route any input to HDMI or HDBaseT outputs or both simultaneously. The unit reclocks and equalizes the signals and can route any input to the HDMI or the HDBaseT output or to both outputs simultaneously. HDBaseT signals can be sent up to 100 meters at 4K @60Hz (4:2:0), up to 130 meters at 1080p @60Hz 36bpp, up to 180 meters at 1080p @60Hz 24bpp. The unit also provides power to PoE-compatible devices on all HDBaseT outputs.

Kramer vs-622dt connection diagram

The Kramer VS−622DT is also a control gateway that can send control signals over the Ethernet or HDBaseT line with control ports that include: RS−232, four IR, two GPI/O, and two relays to control a wide variety of AV devices. It can be accessed from auxiliary controllers, such as control keypads, through a Kramer Network connector interface, via Kramer Control and more. The VS-622DT has a built-in audio power amplifier that provides 120W @ 70V/100V & 2 x 60W @ 4/8 Ohms with line level output. It also has built-in audio de-embedding. The extracted signals from two of the six inputs (two HDBaseT and four HDMI) are output through two balanced analogue audio outputs. In addition, one of the extracted audio signals can be output to the power amplifier.

Also included in the VS-622DT is Kramer Maestro – a room control automation software offering a customized, easy-to-configure, fully-automated meeting room environment, without requiring any programming. Kramer Maestro enables intuitive configuration of room automation events – a series of actions that occurs when a specific condition, or trigger, is met. The Maestro system has a range of triggers including scheduling, input/output connectivity, routing, and pressing device buttons. It features a dynamic database of device drivers that enable controlling any AV device or room element, from switchers to air conditioners. Supporting additional I/O ports, the Maestro system enables automated control over RS-232, Ethernet, GPI/O, relay, and IR.

The Kramer Maestro’s intuitive user interface enables you to fully automate your meeting room elements. You can configure lights, shades, devices and more to be activated by an extensive range of triggers, including, scheduling, input/output connectivity, routing, and button pressing. By minimizing user intervention, Maestro room automation saves meeting prep time and minimizes human error before presentations.

Where can the Kramer VS-622DT be used?

  • Small to mid-sized boardrooms, meeting rooms, and executive meeting spaces
  • Houses of worship
  • Lecture halls and classrooms
  • Any application where high-quality conversion and switching of multiple and different video signals to graphical data signals is required for display or projection purposes

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