The modern workplace is evolving as we speak. Over the years companies have tried different ways to not only increase productivity but also job satisfaction and employee well being. Most companies have understood that their success relies not only on attracting the “best and the brightest” talent, but also on retaining, motivating, nurturing, and engaging employees through a workplace experience and culture that allows them to thrive and grow. However, this does not always transpire into the realities routinely experienced by millions of employees across the globe. With the next generation ready to enter the workforce, this change will be swift and businesses ought to be ready for it.

At Actis Technologies, we have years of experience in designing workspaces that work for both the company and its employees. While our core area of expertise has largely been office communication and automation tools, we wanted to share a rather holistic perspective in deciphering the future of workplaces.

Here, we bring you an interesting whitepaper – Global Workplace Trends 2018 by Sodexo. The free white paper-cum-report will help enterprises recognize and understand the trends that are shaping both the nature of the enterprise and the workplace of the future.

What does the whitepaper cover?

Recognizing the increasing presence of robotic and artificial intelligence in the workplace and daily life, the whitepaper outlines the ways that the development of individual and collective human intelligence will guide the impact of technology on life. It focuses on seven interconnected topics with a unified theme: the need for collective intelligence across all workplace domains. The Global Workplace Trends 2018 whitepaper discusses the topics mentioned below.

  • Getting Ready for Gen Z
  • The Internet of Things: Shaping the Future Workplace
  • Creating an Emotionally Intelligent Workplace
  • Re-imagining Resources in the Sharing Economy
  • Moving the Needle on Gender Balance
  • Human Capital Management 3.0: Transforming the Employee Experience
  • Employees: New Change Agents for Corporate Responsibility
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