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Until recently, Spark was Cisco’s prime video conferencing and collaboration solution for work teams looking for a flexible platform for messaging, audio conferencing, content sharing, and video calling. However, recently, the enterprise communication giant merged two of its most popular collaboration tools. In an attempt to streamline its service offerings, Cisco will be merging Spark and WebEx allowing both user bases to access and enjoy the benefits of each of the platform.

Before this convergence, both Cisco Spark and Webex had its own type of meeting tools and functionalities. Earlier, users could join meetings only from their respective apps. While users could join WebEx meetings from Cisco Spark, they did not get access to many of the important meeting features. This convergence aims to simplify the whole collaboration process into one unified solution aptly called Webex Teams.

Here, we take a quick glance at a few changes in store for Cisco Spark and WebEx users. Let’s dive right in.

Simplified and unified control

Unified Control

Prior to the merger, the two platforms provided separate management tools. Cisco Spark offered the Control Hub for quick and basic analytics, while WebEx users had access to the site admin to manage or control the meetings. However, now with the absorption of Spark into the WebEx platform, the Control Hub gives users using both WebEx Meetings and WebEx Teams the same set of analytic functions. This immensely helps systems admins take full control of the platform via a single, unified interface.

High-quality video collaboration

High-quality video collaboration

Whether you’re using WebEx Teams or WebEx Meetings, the WebEx backbone will interconnect them with meeting servers in both public clouds and Cisco’s own data centres. This consolidation of power means that users will be getting the best video with the lowest latency possible. Additionally, this will iron out any compatibility issues users may have faced in the past.

One-of-a-kind Hybrid Media

One-of-a-kind Hybrid MediaOne of the most exciting features of the Cisco Spark platform was its hybrid media service that allowed users to deploy on-site servers that could be used for audio, video and content sharing. However, these on-premise servers only worked for Spark meetings. With this coalescence, the hybrid media feature will be accessible by both WebEx meetings and Team meeting. To mark this change, the hybrid media service has been rebranded and termed as “video mesh.” This also means users get to keep and enjoy their favourite tools with access to new ones.

World-class security strengthened further

World-class security strengthened further

It is absolutely vital for a video conferencing and collaboration solution to give users the freedom to connect with people outside their network or company. The standard solution for making such connections is to create guest accounts for external users, which posed a major security risk to the company and its network. WebEx Teams solves this issues by eliminating guest accounts. Now B2B collaboration is built-in, allowing users to connect with everyone from the same application. This empowers enterprises with the power to detect any leaks.

Powerful Webex AI Assistant

Voice-controlled Webex Assistant will now aid your Webex meetings. Webex listens, learns, and performs commands to make your meetings easier and more intuitive. You can start, end, and control your meetings with just your voice.

Cisco is one of the world’s leading networking and communication solution provider in the world. Merging their two most popular platforms into one is sure to strengthen its foothold in this sector. This not only benefits Cisco but also its customers as it makes enterprise collaboration simpler. For new customers, this might just be the right time to consider opting for Cisco’s acclaimed communication solutions.

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