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The New Microsoft Hub 2S: An Interactive All-in-One Collaboration Hub

Collaboration holds an important place in workplace communication with businesses consistently embracing innovative ways to collaborate.

Microsoft’s new Surface Hub 2S is a fresh new perspective on collaboration packed into a beautiful piece of hardware and software. It is an interactive, light and thin whiteboard that enables mobile, uninterrupted and cordless teamwork by integrating into almost any workspace.

The Surface Hub 2S provides creative collaboration teams with an all-in-one collaborative canvas that reduces the divide – not just between offices, houses, and time zones, but also to integrate different modes and viewpoints of business. Besides, with built-in Microsoft Teams application, users can easily conduct meetings with their fellow colleagues.

Key capabilities of the Surface Hub 2S

All about Microsoft Surface Hub 2S

The Surface Hub 2S is remarkable in several ways, beginning with its exterior. Made with precision machined aluminium and mineral-composite resin, its both visually stunning and extremely light. The built-in screen is a 3840 x 2560 PixelSense™ display which also touches interactive.

The audio-video performance is boosted by full range front-facing 3-way stereo speakers which have been incorporated and an 8-element MEMS microphone array. A powerful 4K camera allows high-quality video capture for video conferencing applications.

There is flexibility with several connectivity options — including USB-CTM, Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth wireless 4.1 technology and Miracast support. Writing is made very simple with the active Microsoft Surface Hub 2 Pen, which features a barrel button and tail eraser with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. The pen is compatible with Surface Hub 2S, Surface Book 23, Surface Book, Surface Studio 23 and many more.

Features & Benefits of Surface Hub 2S

How it works

There are two major components in the Microsoft Hub 2S that act as the “brains” of the sycolorstem:

Video Board Compute Module
A video board performs a variety of functions to keep the system running effortlessly. It generates the image on the LCD display and provides an audio-video connection to and from the compute module. This component offers video scaling in order to support external video sources.

Along with this, the video board performs colour correction and calibration and takes care of power management (occupancy sensors and device states). It also performs internal diagnostics as well as monitors and manages all thermal sensors present across the system.

It further captures diagnostics, error logs as well as telemetry for all components that are not connected to the compute module. Besides this, the video board controls the behaviour of keypad controls as well as offers an on-screen display for controlling brightness, volume and video source.

As compared to the video board, a compute module performs a separate set of functions that support the smooth operation of Surface Hub 2S. The compute module can be connected to all USB devices. It provides videoboard interconnections for USB, HDMI, DisplayPort and PCle.

Also, it offers Ethernet access through wired and wireless interfaces as well as provides the on-screen audio-video content. Other than this, the compute module takes in the audio-video content as provided by external sources.

It also enables a video to be passed directly to the videoboard (bypassing the ingest process) for scenarios in which an external source is HDCP encrypted or is beyond the capability of the ingest subsystem. The component further offers digital audio output for accessibility and room audio systems respectively (only supported by USB dongle).

Fits into your Windows Collaboration ecosystem:

With the Surface Hub 2S, collaborators can experience a completely optimised, team-designed platform which extends the capabilities of the familiar Windows 10 system to meeting spaces. All Microsoft applications can be used natively, including Microsoft Office and Edge, as well as other critical business software. The collaboration experience is enhanced with incredibly high quality and excellent graphics that include vivid, bright and transparent pictures, as well as video on the light and thin 50″ display.