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The Actis AV Experience Centre Re-imagined

We’re super excited to announce our Re-imagined Actis Experience Centre, which was considered pretty ground breaking when launched in its original avaatar in 2009. A lot has been changing in the AV and integration industry recently, so we wanted to get in the latest technology and demonstrate what’s possible with the latest collaboration tools in workplaces.

The completely revamped facility is now OPEN for demonstrations, and features 5 model rooms spread across 2,500 square feet. The New Actis Experience Centre is designed by our highly-skilled team of technical engineers to demonstrate the practical benefits of collaboration solutions in a very real-world environment. This blog post gives you a peek into this world-class, multi-functional work space, and shows how you can adapt your meeting and conferencing facilities for similar benefits.

The Actis Experience Centre, Re-imagined

The Experience Centre simulates multiple collaborative work spaces, which feature Networked 4K-compatible AV signal distribution in all rooms, audio and video conferencing, wireless presentation ability, document cameras, media players and much more. Visitors can connect their devices quickly and effortlessly and experience our Network AV architecture for themselves.

An important capability of the Experience Centre is that it can conduct a variety of events, even a “Town Hall” event. Almost any type of content can be streamed (including computer presentations and video conference calls) to any place with an internet connection. It can also be linked to any of the other rooms for large group interactions. The demonstration space is bifurcated into 4 broad zones — an Executive Lounge, a large Multi-purpose room, a Huddle room, and an Entertainment space.

Let’s have a closer look at each zone.

The Executive Lounge area

The Executive Lounge area

To begin, you’ll enter a lounge area with comfortable seating that features a large 4K display connected to a dedicated PC for easy collaboration. This space provides visitors with an idea of how they can design their Digital Signage enabled visitor centres or lobbies, a Security Operations Centre or a “Think Tank”, among others.

Entertainment Centre or Home Cinema

The Actis’ Experience Centre also features an immersive Entertainment Centre cum Home Cinema room with the latest audio-visual technologies. This room features a networked home theatre media server, an optical front projection screen, a Full HD 1080p 3D projector and a 4K-ready, 5.1 channel AV receiver paired with a surround sound speaker system. With comfortable seating, ambient lighting, HD-DTH and touch-panel based automation control, this room serves as a perfect example of how entertainment spaces need to be designed and integrated.

Huddle room or Cloud VC room

Huddle room or Cloud VC room

We strongly advocate the integration of low-cost, small huddle rooms in modern business environments for greater flexibility in meetings and discussions, especially in smaller groups. Our compact but powerful huddle room is a demonstration of the effectiveness of such spaces, providing simple and quick connectivity.

Large multi-functional room

Actis Large multi-functional room

This multi-functional space is one of the largest rooms in the Actis Experience Center and can be divided into two parts with an acoustically-treated, room-dividing slider. The divider converts the space into a Boardroom and a Training room and features partition sensors which work intuitively with other automation to optimise the room settings depending on the operational mode. This means that the room/s automatically shift mode to allow use for their respective applications.

As one of the largest rooms in the experience centre, this space is flexible enough to transform into a boardroom, training centre, distance learning centre, divisible banquet hall or fulfill other collaboration scenarios.

Experience the best AV integration in India

We look forward to our clients visiting the Experience Centre to watch the solutions work in a realistic environment and to help them achieve similar benefits via pragmatically designed office AV solutions.

As India’s leading AV and integration solution provider for over 4 decades, Actis Technologies creates custom-built collaboration solutions for a wide range of Corporate, Government, Education, Hospitality and Residential applications in India. Whether you’re a large enterprise or a highly-focused SME, we invite you to visit our re-vamped Experience Centre in Mumbai, India to learn how Networked AV and Collaboration technologies can simplify communication, and improve operational efficiency and productivity.