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Actis helps Architects/Interior Designers and Homeowners to enhance living spaces and bring greater comfort and convenience to their families. We carefully integrate seamless and unobtrusive technology that helps people in the home feel better, live better and sleep better.

We create more human-centric workspaces with a combination of lighting, energy management, smart control and monitoring technologies. These assist facilities teams in monitoring, controlling and optimising many aspects of workspace performance

We help build customised, application-specific spaces for retail, hospitality, enterprise hospitality and residential applications — like large audience venues, disaster monitoring centres, corporate broadcast facilities, visitor experience spaces and more…

Our unified communications (UC) and video collaboration solutions combine some of the most powerful technologies available to create video interactions that approach the realism of in-person meetings

Actis creates specialised rooms and environments that enhance the quality of team interactions. These rooms are equipped with the latest in AV, UC, Video, Control and Lighting technologies