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Our client in this instance is a legendary global brand and one of the most iconic luxury car manufacturers in the world. Their R&D Centre in Bangalore India is at the core of their global research, IT and product development activities.

They engaged Actis to design and build the infrastructure for collaboration amongst their teams at their R&D campus in Bangalore. The objective was to improve workflows across a variety of activities including design, research, software development and product engineering.

The collaboration rooms spanned a variety of applications and were spread across 4 floors of the R&D facility.

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Team Actis worked closely to implement the client’s key requirements, which included creating tech-efficient and cost-effective meeting and collaboration spaces (small, mid-sized and large) across offices in Mumbai and Chennai, equipped with the most advanced collaboration equipment.

Our team closely worked with this global financial services icon, understood and successfully met another major requirement of our client – creation of a divisible 42-seater Training Room, which would be converted into smaller (21-seater) training rooms by using a movable partition. Team Actis provided the client with cost-efficient tools that were easy to implement and simple to maintain.

Team Actis equipped the huddle spaces with 55” flat screen displays, cable cubbies for connectivity, HDMI switchers, and wireless presentation systems for smoother connectivity in mid-sized meeting spaces. The upgraded VC rooms featured the Cisco Webex Room Kit. It is a hardware codec-based VC system that has in-built microphones and speakers.

For the large 17-seat Executive VC Rooms, several steps were taken to create a smoother meeting flow. The multiple benefits that entailed following our meticulous work, were better room scheduling, visibility, audio, connectivity and immense ease of use. What also deserves a quick mention is our implementation of Networked AV for smoother signal distribution and a Control System with a button panel for simpler management of all the equipment in the room.

The Final Impression

The various types of rooms created have provided great flexibility to the organisation. Ease of communication and increased access to collaboration tools has improved the meeting and training experience for the client teams.

Getting meetings going is simpler than ever before, with convenient connectivity and comprehensive touch-based controls available for every aspect of the rooms function. The most significant aspect of improvement however is the improvement in the audio and video experience during remote calls, which leads to more natural and smooth interactions during meetings. Many of the small delays and interruptions which tend to disrupt meeting flow have been eliminated as a result of the redesign.

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