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The client is a leading global provider of financial services which caters to the medical, academic and governmental fields. They were looking to create several collaboration spaces including Presentation Rooms, VC rooms, Training Rooms and Multi-purpose cafeteria space for greater flexibility especially with larger audiences.
There was a very tight time-frame for completion of this project, which increased the complexity of implementation.

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Actis helped create several types of collaboration spaces including Presentation Rooms, VC rooms, Training Rooms and a Multi-purpose cafeteria room. One of the most unusual elements of the project was the creation of 4 training rooms and a 2-section cafeteria which can be combined to create one huge 430 seat Town Hall space. Of course, each individual room can also be cordoned off for use by smaller groups when required.

The Digital Cafeteria is equipped with projectors combined with 119” roller screens that provide high visibility for content to the participants in this section. Video conferencing has also been enabled in this space with hardware-based VC systems.

Each Training Room is equipped with a large Samsung QM98 display, which can be accessed via connectivity interfaces. The podium also features a touch panel control for managing various aspects of the AV setup. Ceiling mounted speakers and microphones are combined with a Biamp DSP to ensure perfect audio quality even in video calls. Video collaboration is possible with front and rear cameras.

We also created several Presentation Rooms which have a more basic setup and support smaller groups. There are several larger 6-seater and 14-seater VC Rooms where video conferencing is also supported. In the larger 14-seater rooms, additional table-top microphones, cable cubbies and speakers have also been incorporated to ensure every participant is clearly audible.

The Final Impression

The new collaboration infrastructure designed by Actis has had a considerable impact on the adaptability of the organisation in different collaboration, learning and meeting scenarios.
While individual rooms have helped provide more powerful tools for in-room and remote collaboration, an even larger impact has been achieved due to the flexibility that they offer when combined. Facilities teams are able to react quickly to the requirements from business teams, to provide the functionality they need to support them in achieving smoother interactions.

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