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As a pharmaceutical major, the company’s business involves considerable engagement amongst stakeholders across the organisation — both in India and other offices across the globe. Their management team wanted to bring the teams closer at one facility and create a pleasant work environment for about 2,000 employees.

A key challenge posed by the client was to ensure that the costs of creating a large number of rooms (100) did not become excessive. Their intention was to enhance the quality of meetings — whether local or requiring interactions with remote locations. The management wanted to introduce state-of-the-art video conference and telepresence technology for creating new modes of communication.

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The Actis team designed a number of mid-sized meeting rooms to suit the needs of large groups ranging from 10 to 14 participants. A mid-sized 65” display has been installed to ensure excellent visibility for the participants. A simple table-mounted button panel is also incorporated to allow control of the display, audio and switching of AV sources. Interactive touchscreen displays have been incorporated into the larger rooms to provide presenters with more intuitive control during presentations.

The VC rooms re-utilised the client’s legacy Cisco VC and Telepresence systems and added audio enhancement via a DSP system. A Multi-function Cafeteria space has been designed to accommodate up to 200 participants for their Town Hall meetings. It incorporates a 137” extra-bright projector driven display, a smaller flat screen, a DSP program audio system and flat-field ceiling speakers. Numerous small Huddle Rooms are designed to accommodate 3-8 participants. Digital Signage Solutions have been implemented in the reception area on two floors; each featuring a 55” Samsung Full HD Display monitor. 

The Final Impression

The client team now enjoys ease of access to meeting rooms and VC rooms. Various business workflows are simplified and increased collaboration has been observed. Wireless presentation capabilities in the meeting rooms have been very effective in simplifying the user experience. The larger and more feature-rich rooms provide access to state-of-the-art tools which introduce interactivity and also enable video collaboration.

The VC rooms and boardrooms are reducing the distance between remote collaborators, hence making more frequent, natural and data-rich interactions possible. The new infrastructure is providing excellent value for the investments made. The more regular use of the AV solutions is not only bringing flexibility to their facility but also improving ROI.

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