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Starting a video meeting should be effortless. In our conversations with prospective customers, we have often been asked to integrate an easy-to-use and hassle-free video communication solution. This is exactly where the Lifesize Icon 450 huddle and conference room video collaboration shines.

The Lifesize Icon 450 is a simple, scalable way to deploy integrated, plug-and-play conference room solution for meeting and huddle rooms. It features Lifesize’s reliable cloud-based service and Phone™ HD that integrates audio, web and video conferencing service, programmable touchscreen control and exceptional audio quality into one package. Here, we look at the feature-packed Lifesize Icon 450 and learn how it can make business-sense in your enterprise whether you are an SME or a multinational corporation.

What does the Lifesize Icon 450 offer?

The Lifesize Icon 450 is a perfectly designed solution for huddle rooms or other meeting spaces. It features a smart-framing sensor automatically adjusts the camera to ensure that everyone in the room is visible during the call. Its wide-angle lens provides an expanded field of view, capturing everyone on screen even in small meeting spaces. Its HD camera and speakerphone deliver crystal clear audio and video communication. The system components include a Lifesize Icon 450 with integrated PTZ camera, a Lifesize Phone HD, power supply/cables and a Lifesize Remote Control.

  • It features an HD Pan, Tilt and Zoom camera with 82° HFOV and support for up to 1080p30 HD and 5x zoom capability.
  • The Lifesize Phone HD hardware delivers superior audio quality and an easy-to-use, programmable touchscreen enabling video and audio management.
  • Its Smart-framing Sensor ensures that everyone in the room is visible during a call.
  • It pairs to the Lifesize cloud-based service that offers directory with name-based one-click calling, virtual meeting rooms, screen sharing, calendar integration, chat, automatic software updates and more.
  • It easily lets you record a video call or meeting from any device and automatically publish videos into your own video library.
  • For optimum presentation quality & screen sharing, it features an HDMI input for video and audio presentation.
  • The Seamless Call Escalation feature lets you accept requests to join your call or add others via your directory with one click.

Here’s how the Lifesize Icon 450 makes sense in your business.

All about Lifesize Icon 450

Smart-framing sensor brings everyone into the picture

The Lifesize Icon 450 is equipped with a smart-framing sensor that automatically pans, tilts and zooms the camera to the optimal position. Now, when a new group joins the meeting room, the sensor readjusts and centrally-aligns the frame without any effort on your part. This makes meetings natural and even more intuitive.

Simple setup and future-proof automatic updates

Setting up the Lifesize Icon 450 is simple. Just connect the PTZ camera to a TV/Display, provide power and internet connectivity and start making calls. Additionally, the system updates automatically. This reduces strain on the administrators and ensures that the system is always updated and ready-to-go.

Quick and easy-to-use system

The Lifesize Icon 450 reduce meeting room complexity by combining video, audio and web conferencing in a single app that can be controlled via the Lifesize Phone HD hardware. It brings all the features you require in one package that lets you focus on your meeting.

Ideal for both huddle or larger meeting rooms

While the Lifesize Icon 450 is ideal for Huddle rooms and small meeting spaces, its multifunctionality helps it find a place even larger rooms. The 82° wide-angle lens is ideal for capturing everyone around the table without forcing participants to sit uncomfortably close. Additionally, the large lens is optimized to produce a bright, vibrant image even in low light conditions.

Highly-functional calendar integration

The Lifesize Icon 450 easily syncs with your Microsoft Office 365 or Google calendar for scheduling meetings. Modern calendar applications offer great functionality in terms of communication, schedule aggregation, actionable items, and integration. The integration of calendars and meeting room technology is a natural fit. By simplifying technology involved in conferencing, Lifesize is making conferencing simple, seamless and unified for the users.

The Actis Advantage

Actis has already deployed this highly-functional video conferencing solution in many businesses in India. If your business is looking for a audio and video communication solution, we can seamlessly integrate the Lifesize Icon 450 in your business communication workflow and existing AV architecture.

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