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Learn how smart home automation can enhance your life

Many errands that previously required human intervention have been made easier thanks to automation and robotics. Modern smart homes are no different. However, what is smart home automation and how can it help you? Let’s try to understand this. Our aim is to educate you about the ways in which smart home automation can enhance lives in today’s time-crunched era.

Smart home technology is all about easy management or automation of your home and daily life. This could be anything from lights that can be controlled remotely or on a schedule, to connected multi-room home entertainment systems for streaming media, or added features to tighten your home security. Home automation products aim to simplify your home life in ways you didn’t even realise you wanted or needed.

For a few, smart home technology might seem like an appealing concept for gadget geeks. Whether you believe in it or not, smart home automation is everywhere, and research shows people want more. In reality, a big selling proposition of smart home technology is that it can actually save money, apart from making life more convenient.

For example, a great way to save energy and harness some monetary benefits on your bill is by utilising a smart thermostat. Rather than simply operating based on a timer or standard temperature setups, a smart thermostat has adaptive scheduling and presets that are programmed to match your lifestyle and keep your home comfortable instantly. Furthermore, they can even be controlled from your smartphone or smartwatch and other smart devices, even from remote locations.

Smart lighting control is also a great way to save money. This can be as simple as integrated motion sensors that turn off all lights in rooms based on current occupancy, to lighting presets that never turn lights on at more than 75% brightness, thereby extending bulb life and reducing energy consumption. It is the smaller steps we take that go a long way.

In addition to making energy usage efficient, smart home lighting automation can enormously benefit home security. Smart lighting can activate in patterns while you are away from home, creating an illusion that your home is occupied. Blinds and video entertainment can also be operated, giving the house and even more lived-in feel. This is sure to deter burglaries drastically, especially during holiday seasons.

For surveillance, indoor and outdoor cameras can be viewed remotely from a smartphone for live monitoring. Smart home surveillance solutions can even send you alerts when unauthorised movement is detected in your home. Door locks can be made smart, too. They provide a greater level of access control. You can even remotely unlock and lock your door as required.

As time goes on, you should be able to connect more and more of your home devices — automating every aspect of your home life. Voice command technology will be everywhere, and remote controls will be a thing of the past. Read our blog about voice-based smart home automation with Crestron and Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo.


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  • Vinothkumar K
    Posted June 29, 2018 at 4:26 am

    I am looking for home automation along with cameras and lighting solutions for my newly built home at chennai. Do you have any such portfolios to your product deliveries.

    Vinothkumar K

    • Hasham Shaikh
      Posted June 29, 2018 at 5:09 am

      Hello Sir,

      We can provide this solution for you. We have a presence in Chennai. Request you to share your contact details so that our sales representative can get in touch with you. Alternately you can reach us at 022-30808080 or email at

      Looking forward to your response.

      Thank you!

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