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So you are thinking about merging your enterprise’s’ data and voice services with the introduction of an IP telephony system, however, you don’t where to start? IP telephony offers many advantages in your business, from cost savings and business continuity to improved collaboration and productivity and making it easier to be agile in this competitive business landscape. At Actis, we understand you may have doubts and questions. So, we have compiled a list of tips designed to make the switch to IP-based voice calling a smooth transition.

Understand your requirement

It is crucial to ensure you have a good idea of what you actually need from your new telephony system before you discontinue the old one. There are two things that should be considered here. Firstly, ensure to recognise the problems with your existing setup. You must also consider the primary goals of your operation and whether or not your phone system makes it easier or harder to achieve them. If the answer is the latter, it is definitely about time you looked for an alternative solution.

Think Scalability: Consider your need for future requirements

IP telephony offers far greater functionality than a traditional phone network. So, once the basic system is up and running smoothly, it makes sense assessing added features that can be integrated – be it call recording services, video conferencing or simply instant messaging and presence capabilities.

Strengthen your current network infrastructure

Once you have made the switch to a VoIP-based service, your existing data communication network will see an upturn in traffic as phone calls are transmitted as data via the internet. You’ll need a converged IP network to achieve this, with routers and switches that are capable of dealing with the surge in traffic and functionality. It is also important to consider the quality of service; where VoIP is concerned, this typically means voice and video traffic will be given priority over other forms of data travelling across the infrastructure.

Security is paramount

It is important to discuss with your provider the security features that are available to you; make sure layered protocols. However, the need for effective security shouldn’t dissuade you from making the move to IP telephony. Keep in mind that while it may seem poles apart from the relatively ancient system you have in your business at the moment, the technology has been around for years, is extremely user-friendly and has been adopted by countless enterprises across the world.

We hope these tips help you realise how easy it can be to integrate VOIP and IP telephony in your businesses. Use the comment section below to share your thoughts.

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