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Effortless meetings lead to enhanced user experiences and reflect positively on your enterprise or brand. Whether you’re pitching to a potential client or hosting a strategic board of directors meeting; user experience has to be positive and impactful.

People walk into a boardroom to communicate, collaborate, and connect. So, you need to take into account the audience, the space, and the technology work seamlessly. Well designed boardroom with video conferencing systems has a transformative effect on the communication reach of the company.

Many businesses aim to create the perfect video conference enabled boardroom, albeit on a restricted budget. No matter what your budget dictates, here are key tips to help optimise your boardroom design to better suit your needs.

Focus on the colour selection

Studies have shown that colour of the environment can have transformative effect on human mood and behaviour. Choose your colour with extreme care, some colour schemes may hinder the visual perception of your room. While selecting a colour palette for your VC-enabled boardroom, neutral and pale shades work best. Some of the colours you can opt for are beige, off-white, tan or a pale sky blue.

No matter what color you select, aim to go with a pastel or pale variant of the colour. These colours serve as a great background and drastically reduce eye strain while focusing on digital videos. Avoid bright white shades and the darker designs. They are not a good choice to provide optimum background for viewing. Vibrant colours may reflect light and also distract members of the boardroom. Alternatively, you can opt for a simple non-textured wallpaper.

Pay attention to lighting control

Ideally, we recommend an interior room without windows for boardrooms. However, ground realities in real estate beg to differ. We understand it is not alway possible to get the ideal space for your boardroom. Opt for a room with minimal windows. Sunlight affects the ability to capture a high quality image that can make video conferencing challenging due to glare.

In a room with multiple window and ample sunlight, we recommend you get window treatment such as automated vertical blinds, drapes and solar-blocking panel to prevent glare. Modern shade controls also have sensors to automated shade control based on the position of the sun. Lighting control also includes your artificial light sources along with a centralised control unit for the room. Optimum lighting control is key to modern boardroom design.

Functionality is paramount

Quite often, the focus in boardroom design is to be aesthetically bold, elegant, and classic. However, you shouldn’t neglect the important aspects such as sound quality, image definition, and functionality. Having many reflective surfaces such as glass tables, large glassed paintings, and windows can create reverberation which may sometimes hamper acoustic legibility.

The trick is to keep your the boardroom décor and furniture minimal to avoid clutter and thereby distractions. Take care of what aspects of the room will be in the range of the camera. Any reflective surfaces can hamper visibility and may also distract your counterparts in a conferencing session.

Wrongly placed lights may overcompensate and saturate the brightness in the image quality. If the boardroom will be used heavily for video conferencing, we suggest going for a semi-circle layout. With this arrangement, conference callers can view all the attendees easily. After all, it is quite a natural way to sit and converse in a group.

Actis is one of India’s most trusted AV integration companies with nearly four decades of experience. We’ve leveraged our years of acquired knowledge to share these key boardroom design tips. We hope you find them useful.

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