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Empowering the Smart Office of the future with IoT

The AV industry has transformed itself over the last few decades and it will continue to do so. As one of India’s oldest and leading AV integrators, we have witnessed this evolution, aimed to stay ahead of the changes and transform our business along with the industry.

The next big revolution that is almost at our doorstep is the Internet of Things (IoT) that is changing the landscape across industries and blurring lines in terms of how electronic devices communicate and interact with each other. This is evident especially with cross-domain responsibilities shared between AV-IT professionals. Here, we aim to share key insights and strategy behind IoT integration in today’s office automation.

Exploring the scope for IoT in offices

Exploring the scope for IoT in offices

IoT is starting to focalize all technologies and expand across every industry and vertical. The real value of IoT comes from two aspects: 1) Monitoring and Control of Devices, and 2) Analytics to intelligently manage and coordinate different devices, people and processes around them.

New-age Energy Metrics platforms empower us to gather accurate and meaningful real-time data. All IoT and non-IoT devices, user inputs and preferences can be monitored/managed, analyzed and programmed to coordinate with each other. This allows the entire operations to be highly-efficient, both economically and environmentally.

By providing a birds-eye view of al AV-IT assets and locations, it is ideally suited to manage geographically distributed properties and assets, thereby helping facility administrators to be more efficient. With the ability to retain and analyze a large volume of data from an array of devices, the system brings an innovative capability to understand the relationship between electronic devices in the ecosystem.

IoT-based solutions will help the end-user to save costs on energy and maintenance bills, empower productivity and improve comfort levels. Today, IoT exists for an ever-increasing diversity of applications, in many different forms with leading manufacturers and standards. Businesses can leverage this new technology to develop smart work environments that promote a pleasant and productive work environment while saving significant costs.

Business benefits of IoT in Smart Offices of the future

The major benefits IoT-based solution enterprises can help achieve include the following:

  • Savings on maintenance expenses on all the equipment by reducing the number of downtime for scheduled maintenance
  • Energy savings on AV, Lighting, HVAC, and other appliances in offices
  • Better comfort in work environments with real-time environment information, as well as collective user feedback instead of just relying on a single set-point
  • Added efficiency with automatic detection of faults, escalation to service vendors and coordinating service windows
  • Tracking usage of all the assets and mapping them to the right time for replacements, based on value and fault rates

benefits of IoT in Smart Offices

In the near future, IoT-based solutions will integrate advanced AV solutions and other smart devices to create a seamless digital experience for all other stakeholders. Given that AV over IP and IPTV solutions have already made their presence felt in integration, IoT will be the backbone of the smart office of the future.

Actis Technologies India has nearly four decades of experience in integrating world-class office automation and communication solutions at some of the biggest enterprises by working closely with our ever-expanding list of global partners and solution providers. Right from planning to execution, our motto is to improve the user experience and deliver true value to our customers.

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