While the goal of AV technology is to connect people, the AV experience has evolved over the years in significant ways. Audiovisual technology has transformed communication within communities and enterprises.

In this video, Infocomm explores what it takes for a good AV experience to become an exceptional AV experience.

We often think of disparate technologies when we think of AV technologies, such as film, TV, a microphone, a projector, a webcam, or a cassette. However, this is no longer the case. AV experiences are now much more than mere disparate technologies working together. As the AV experience evolves, it is easy to lose sight of the overall AV experience. These AV experiences are all around us – in classrooms, simulations, live events, and conferences.

What today’s AV experiences involve:

However, today, AV experiences involve more than just Tech. In order to create exceptional AV experiences the Space and the Content are also equally important. Space is where the experience will be contained. This could be a meeting room, a museum, or an amphitheatre.

Content is the message being conveyed. This could include a presentation, an interesting museum exhibit, or the set list of a musician. Tech, on the other hand, is the medium through which content is delivered. This could be Telepresence, Interactive displays, or Concert loudspeakers.

When all these factors work together, a good AV experience can be transformed into an exceptional AV experience. This means that enterprise workers can achieve their goals, exceed the expectations of their audiences, and inspire action.

So, this is how you can avail of exceptional AV experiences and can transform the way you communicate both at work and at play. Here’s to a seamless and exceptional AV experience!

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(Content and images courtesy: www.infocomm.org)

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