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How to create employee-friendly meeting rooms and office AV solutions

Countless employees in offices are often bogged down by the complicated and confusing meeting room AV technologies. In many teams, members shy away from actually using office AV infrastructure claiming it hampers their productivity and style of working. The mere idea of being surrounded by complicated and often outdated audio visual systems one does not know how to use can discourage employees.
At this point, it is the responsibility of the employer to take an initiative and bridge the gap between the employees and office communication technologies. The aim should be to create collaborative spaces with user-friendly technologies that the employees actually enjoy using. Taking this approach can facilitate interactive, productive and efficient collaborations, thereby increasing the ROI of office AV solutions. Here are some tips on creating employee-friendly meeting rooms and office AV solutions in today’s offices.

Make meeting rooms user-friendly with updated technology.

One of the biggest concerns faced by businesses is that AV technology and systems in their meeting rooms are not user-friendly, largely because they are outdated. As no one in the workplace knows how to operate them, they are under used. Luckily, most modern communication technology is very user-friendly and quite often plug-n-play.
You can consider control systems with master touch panels, which allow users to control everything from video conferencing systems to lights and displays with a simple touch. Also, ensure to make the systems and technologies work well together. It is best to consult an experienced AV integrator to minimise future technology glitches and downtime. AV integration companies such as Actis Technologies program communication systems with simplicity and usability in mind, ensuring they are user-friendly.

Make way for interactive collaboration in meeting rooms

Interactive technology and collaboration software are key ingredients in getting employees to actively participate in meetings. This makes meetings interesting and increases productivity. With the ability to quickly annotate, share content, video chat and more, interactive office AV solutions allow local and remote participants to effectively communicate and share ideas.

Ensure employee-friendly AV training sessions

While meeting rooms should be user-friendly, it is still important to teach employees how to use these tools effectively. Hands-on experience along with guidance instantly demystifies preconceived notions employees may have about these technologies. The more the employees know how to use these tools, the more likely they are to use them, making the meeting room experience inviting and pleasant. If time and resources are limited, businesses can develop training manuals or opt for dedicated AV training services offered by system integrators.

Opt for an easy and integrated scheduling system

Scheduling panels mounted outside of meeting rooms make scheduling and booking meetings simple. Allowing employees to see organisation-wide meeting room availability can minimise frustrations associated with double booking a room. This allows employees to find a convenient place to meet with utmost ease. Opt for a scheduling system that easily integrates with your organisation or employee’s calendar application, allowing users to automatically reserve a room when they create a meeting invite.

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    Posted May 8, 2017 at 6:21 pm

    The meeting room is also one among the several meeting management tips. If the conference room is not good, then employees may get irritation. Yes, collaboration technologies are vital for interactive meetings and which reduces our work too. Thank you very much for sharing best information and keep posting.

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